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Siobhan Prout, BSAP1 Infection Prevention & Control.

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1 Siobhan Prout, BSAP1 Infection Prevention & Control

2 Siobhan Prout, BSAP2 Education & Training Tradition & Ritual Modern Approach Strategic Management

3 Siobhan Prout, BSAP3 The Prevention of Transmission of Blood-Borne Diseases in the Health-Care Setting “The most effective way of preventing transmission of blood borne pathogens in the health-care setting is to make the working environment as safe as possible” Good infection prevention & control practices Implementation of standard precautions Provision of effective risk management policies

4 Siobhan Prout, BSAP4 Infection prevention & control practices Health care workers require knowledge on Source of micro-organisms Susceptibility of the Host Transmission methods of micro-organisms

5 Siobhan Prout, BSAP5 Source Patients- acute disease, incubation period, colonised but asymptomatic or chronic carriers. Endogenous flora Health care personnel Environment, Equipment, medications. Visitors

6 Siobhan Prout, BSAP6 Host Factors effecting : age underlying disease medications e.g. antibiotics, steroids irradiation skin integrity indwelling devices

7 Siobhan Prout, BSAP7 Transmission Contact Droplet Airborne Common vehicle transmission Vectorborne

8 Siobhan Prout, BSAP8 Implementation of standard precautions Designed to reduce the risk of transmission of blood-borne and other pathogens from recognised and unrecognised sources Apply to all patients receiving care, regardless of their diagnosis or presumed infection status Apply to; –blood –all body fluids ( except sweat) –non-intact skin –mucous membranes

9 Siobhan Prout, BSAP9 Guidelines; Hand hygiene Promote hand hygiene as a key component of infection prevention & control in the hospital & community setting Addresses the resources issues –Facilities location & design –Products available –Education, promotion of hand hygiene and audit of practice Implementation of standard precautions

10 Siobhan Prout, BSAP10 Implementation of standard precautions Personal protective equipment Appropriate use of gloves Cover cuts and abrasions Use of visor or goggles/safety spectacles Waterproof/repellent masks Plastic aprons/gowns Appropriate footwear

11 Siobhan Prout, BSAP11 Implementation of standard precautions Use safety devices “ an increased emphasis on precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of health-care workers….these measures should be taken with all patients in all health-care facilities at all times by all staff in both the public and private healthcare sectors” M. Harney, Tánaiste & Minister for Health & Children

12 Siobhan Prout, BSAP12 Implementation of standard precautions Safety devices & technology; Phlebotomy

13 Siobhan Prout, BSAP13 Implementation of standard precautions Safety devices & technology; Cannulation

14 Siobhan Prout, BSAP14 Implementation of standard precautions Safety devices & technology; Subcutaneous infusions

15 Siobhan Prout, BSAP15 Implementation of standard precautions Single use items disposed after use 2 Safe use of sharps disposal units Prevention of surface contamination by blood and body fluids Appropriate decontamination of spillages Routine and terminal cleaning equipment & environment Patient linen storage and laundry segregation Patient placement and transportation

16 Siobhan Prout, BSAP16 Risk management focuses on Active compliance of the healthcare worker with Infection Prevention & Control measures Analysis of the working environment, conditions and practices that may contribute to the risk of transmission of BBV Effective risk management policies

17 Siobhan Prout, BSAP17 Efforts to prevent inoculation injury are focused on three main areas Altered behavior & improved safety culture through ongoing education/training Utilisation of engineering controls Disease prevention through uptake of available vaccination and medical prophylaxis Effective risk management policies

18 Siobhan Prout, BSAP18 Professional issues “Health care should be delivered with compassion and dignity in compliance with best practice in relation to safety and standards of care” Acceptance of responsibility and understanding of accountability for own practice Knowledge updated by on-going education Documentation Evaluation of own practice through audit process.

19 Siobhan Prout, BSAP19 Reason’s model on accident causation Active errors : those having an immediate effect Latent errors : conditions that lie dormant until activated by active errors.

20 Siobhan Prout, BSAP20 Unsafe acts Reason’s model on accident causation Local management Safeguards Organisational

21 Siobhan Prout, BSAP21 Reason’s Model on Accident Causation Organisational problems Local Management Unsafe Acts Safeguards Danger Injury

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