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HAND WASHING & HYGIENE Prepared By Jihad K.Khair

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1 HAND WASHING & HYGIENE Prepared By Jihad K.Khair
Bethlehem University Faculty of nursing and health sciences Neonatal Workshop HAND WASHING & HYGIENE Prepared By Jihad K.Khair

2 Outline Definition of Hand Washing Importance of Hand Washing
Indications for Hand Washing When to wash hands Hand Washing procedure Steps

3 Hand Washing Definition
Hand washing is the act of cleansing the hands with water and soap for the purpose of removing soil or microorganism (germs), in order to prevent cross-contamination and minimize nosocomial infections. .

4 Importance of hand washing
Hand washing is the most important thing that you can do to keep from getting sick. The main purpose of washing hands is to cleanse of pathogens (including bacteria or viruses) and chemicals which can cause personal harm or disease.

5 Importance of hand washing
By frequently washing your hands you wash away & eliminate the germs that you have picked up from other people, or from contaminated surfaces, and avoid transferring the bacteria to other people and to your self. Washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to maintain health, control, reduce and prevent the spread of infection.

6 Indications for hand washing
In general When hands are visibly soiled and dirty When you feel that your hands are contaminated Whenever the health care providers are in doubt about the necessity After touching any object that has germs on it Before and after any direct skin to skin contact Anytime you change tasks

7 Examples of when to wash hands
Before & After Upon entry to NICU & before Starting to work Before & After any direct patient contact Before & After performing any invasive procedure, manipulating medical/ invasive devices or performing aseptic procedures. Before preparing milk, TPN and medication.

8 Examples of when to wash hands
Before & After feeding the baby or giving medication. Between different procedures on the same patient. When applying NGT, suctioning, or folly's catheter. When eating, drinking or smoking. Before taking breaks or leaving the department.

9 Examples of when to wash hands
After situations during which contamination of the hands is likely to have occurred – ex:- Handling linen and bedding Handling waste Cleaning equipment or spillages Handling bodily fluid (blood, Stool, urine, mucus or vomits). Handling garbage or any dirty equipment.

10 Examples of when to wash hands
After removing gloves and other protective clothing. After using the toilet. After sneezing or coughing. After using of telephone.

11 Hand washing procedure steps:-
Before starting to wash hands Keep nails short. Avoid artificial nails and nail varnish. Remove watches and bracelets. Avoid wearing any ornaments. Check to be sure a clean, disposable paper towel and antiseptic soap are available.


13 Area commonly missed during hand washing


15 Attention: effective hand washing can be done by scrubbing the hands with septal scrub till elbow for 2 minutes. And 30 seconds between each baby.


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