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Textiles Use of Textiles Functions of Textiles Selection Criteria Textile Care © PDST Home Economics.

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1 Textiles Use of Textiles Functions of Textiles Selection Criteria Textile Care © PDST Home Economics

2 Use of Textiles  Household linens e.g. bed linen, kitchen cloths, table linen.  Interior textiles e.g. cushions, floor coverings, upholstery.  Clothing

3 Functions of Textiles for Clothing Purposes  To enhance appearance and give confidence  To protect against chemicals, disease, fire, injury.  To protect against the weather e.g. waterproof, gloves.  To identify workers e.g. doctors, gardai, students.  To influence others e.g. interviews, advertising.  To express ones individuality and personality.

4 Textiles for household purposes  To decorate homes e.g. colours, patterns, textures.  To create comfortable atmosphere – carpets, cushions, throws.  To provide warmth and insulation – mats, curtains.  To absorb sounds.  To provide privacy – blinds  To provide absorbency – bath towels

5 Selection criteria When choosing textiles consider:  Function of item  Fitness for purpose  Cost – buy the best you can afford  Fabric properties  Easy care, washable, dry clean only.  Aesthetic appeal – appearance, drape, weight  Safety – flame resistant

6 Textile Care Care of textiles depends on the fibre used, yarn, construction and finishes.  Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.  At home remember to:  Use detergents that suit the fabric.  Choose suitable water temperature.  Adding fabric conditioners to reduce static electricity.  Removing excess water – ringing, spinning.

7 Blends  Different fibres are mixed together to improve the properties of textiles.  The care of blended textiles is in accordance with the fibre present in the highest amount or the fibre requiring a gentler treatment.

8 Finishes that affect fabric care  Finishes are applied to fabrics to make caring for them easier: 1.Anti-static 2.Crease-resistance 3.Shrink resistance 4.Stain resistant finishes

9 Safety when choosing household textile items  All natural, synthetic and regenerated fabrics tend to be flammable.  Therefore, non-toxic and durable treatments are applied to fabrics to alter their reaction to flames.  Fabrics with flame-retardant finishes will self- extinguish when the flames are removed.  They do not multiply the flames.  Back-coatings are used on upholstery, carpets etc.

10 Proban  A durable flame-retardant finish used on fabrics.  A chemical compound containing phosphorus and chlorine is applied to the surface of a textile.  It is then treated with ammonia which forms an insoluble polymer.  Main benefit is the reduced risk of textiles catching fire.  Finishes can be expensive and some may have an allergic reaction to the chemical used.

11 Fire Safety (Domestic Furniture) Order 1988  Regulations require that manufacturers use Combustion Modified Highly Resilient Foam (CMHRF)  Covers must pass a cigarette test or match test and loose covers must pass both.  Regulations are implemented by the Dept. Enterprise, Trade & Employment and enforced by the Director of Consumer Affairs

12 Labels

13 Fire Safety Order (1988)  Also covers the labelling arrangements for textile products: 1.Swing or display label Shaped like a red triangle, printed on both sides, showing that the filling meets the safety requirements but the filling is not match resistant. A green square, printed on both sides, states that filling & covering meet cigarette and match ignition.

14 2.Permanent Label  Stitched permanently to the product.  Provides the name, address of manufacturer or importer, batch number, date of manufacture, description of filling and cover materials.  Should state whether or not a fire-resistant inner-liner has been included and a warning “Carelessness causes fire”.

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