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Marketing Plan designed for: By Susan Kane Carr. My Profile Susan Kane Carr Charles Rutenberg Realty 727.424.2238

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1 Marketing Plan designed for: By Susan Kane Carr

2 My Profile Susan Kane Carr Charles Rutenberg Realty 727.424.2238 Started selling real estate in Pinellas County in 1988 Graduated from St. Petersburg High School Graduated from St. Petersburg College Designations: Certified Residential Specialist Military Certified Graduate Realtors Institute e-PRO Short Sale & ForeclosureResource Accredited Staging Professional Organizations: National Association of Realtors Florida Association of Realtors Pinellas Realtor Organization Women’s Council of Realtors Networking Professionals

3 My Testimonials  “Susan, we love our house...great location, lots of nooks and crannies, pool going in and very happy with all your suggestions. Another happy customer...the second time!” - Anne

4 Timeline for Listing Property 30 Day Review of Activity Show Property Until Offer Received Marketing Plan Place Yard Sign Advertise on Internet Create Flyer & Home Marketing Book Advertise at Networking Meeting Broker Open House Open House Place Property in MLS List Property

5 Timeline for Contract to Close Closing Walk through by buyer Survey is completed Buyer finishes up financing process and gets insurance Appraiser comes and inspects house and completes appraisal Buyer may request repairs Inspections HomeTermiteInsuranceOther Buyers applies for financing Contract goes to title company of sellers choice Negotiate offer until agreement is signed by both parties Receive offer

6 Marketing Plan Multi-Platform Marketing Enhancing the value of your home Market placement Forms Marketing is the key to getting you the most money for your home.

7 The importance of a name top – Charles Rutenberg Realty is the top company in Pinellas County. – Susan Kane Carr is highly recognized and respected in the Pinellas County area. Marketing

8 I sell homes for more I use the latest technology and the best marketing to get your home sold for more than other agents. I-Pad2 Computers Internet Digital Cameras

9  Yard Sign  The yard signs that I use have my name and cell phone number on them to allow quick access for buyers to obtain information on your home. Marketing

10 Importance of Internet Home Search 90 % Home Buyers And Sellers Internet Usage 90% of home buyers and sellers use the internet to search for their home 1 Reach the widest audience of potential buyers More buyers = better chance of finding one that is willing to meet your terms, price and desired closing date Source: National Association of REALTORS ®, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2012

11 Where Buyers Find Homes 42% of buyers found a home via the internet – up from 8% in 2001 Source: National Association of REALTORS ®, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2012 Where buyers found the home they purchased, 2001-2012 (Percentage Distribution)

12 How Buyers Found Their Homes 2002: Internet surpassed print ads 2004: More buyers found their home on internet than from signs 2009: The internet is THREE TIMES as powerful as signs 90 % Internet 42% Print Ads 1% Signs 10% Source: National Association of REALTORS ®, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2012

13 Facts That Matter ® is the industry’s most engaging real estate search site.* More Minutes More Visits More Pages Viewed

14 Social Networking I will use social networking as a non-intrusive way to keep my network apprised of your listing. Screen shots represent site as of publication date. Site subject to change without notice.

15 Marketing  Advertising  Internet      St. Petersburg Times, Listingbook, and over 100 other websites 15

16   Featured Home – At the top of the search  Showcase Listing – Expanded listing  25 Photos  Banners  Open house banners Marketing

17 How will I showcase your home to the most buyers? I will help your home rise to the top of the search, above other homes, by adding more photos. Showcase Listing Enhancements | by

18 Showcase Listing Enhancements | by How will I showcase your home to the most buyers? I place my cell phone number at multiple points to increase buyer calls for your property.

19 Showcase Listing Enhancements | by Open Houses Local and regional buyers make up half of the market. I will post your Open House on the website where more consumers are doing research. Those who know the neighborhood may refer their friends to your Open House

20 Marketing St. Petersburg Times  Open House Ads  General For Sale Ads  Internet Ad

21  Listingbook  Open House Ads  Flyers Marketing

22  Mobile Marketing With buyers can be driving thru the neighborhood and find your home and immediately get the information on your home and contact me by text, phone or email. My website also has the option of contacting me by phone and has a mobile app.

23 Marketing  Flyers (with additional information)  To other Real Estate Agents  To leave in the property for buyers  For OPEN HOUSE’S  For the neighbors

24 Marketing  Business Card Labels Used to put on the back of our business cards and give to you to pass out to friends, coworkers etc. and for us to use at Open Houses so that your house is not forgotten when the buyer leaves the Open House.

25 Marketing  Post Cards Let’s the neighbors know your property is on the market.

26 Marketing  Brokers Open Personally inviting other agents to come see your home and have lunch on us. Benefit to you is that more agents see your home and can tell buyers about your home without your home only being another listing on a piece of paper.

27 Marketing  Staging Assistance with making your home show its best. Result more $$$ for you, the Seller. I have taken the Accredited Staging Professional classes to obtain an ASP designation.

28 Enhancing the value of your home  Curb Appeal  Kitchens  Baths  Clean Windows  Fix any thing that needs to be repaired  Neat and Clean  Replace air conditioning filters  Clean out closets

29 Enhancing the value of your home If possible, when buyers are coming to see your home take a few minutes to add the finishing touches.  Turn on the lights  Open all blinds and curtains  Put on soft relaxing music  Check countertops, put away dirty dishes  Make Beds  Pick up anything that is laying around  Take pets with you if possible  Leave if at all possible (so buyers can feel at home)

30 Market Placement  Condition  Time Frame  Seller motivation  Price In today’s market you want to make your home look the best and price your home right from the start. Pricing your home right means getting the most money for your home, and this means a quicker sale.

31 Market Placement - Condition  The condition of your property is your responsibility. I will help you by letting you know what I see needs to be done and by giving you feedback from other agents that show your property.  Top Condition = Top $$$  Top condition may mean that everything is new, kitchen, appliances, air conditioning and heating, roof, etc. (few homes are this perfect).

32 Market Placement - Condition  Above Average Condition  Some new items but not everything and property has been well maintained and has some updates.  Average Condition  Well maintained average age of appliances, roof, kitchen in acceptable condition as compared to the rest of comparable properties on the market.  Below Average Condition = less $$$  Needs updating and some repairs, older appliances, roof, etc.

33 Market Placement – Time Frame  In this market where prices have been going down you want to sell quickly.  If you don’t price your home to sell quickly you will be doing larger price reductions and buyers will wonder what is wrong with the house that it is on the market so long.  Your type of sale, short sale or normal sale affects the market value of your home.

34 Market Placement – Seller Motivation  Do you want to move in 30 days?  Do you have a house under contract and you need sell this house to close?  How much work do you want to do to the property to get top dollar?

35 Market Placement - Price  Pricing a home is one of the most important items in selling a home in today’s market.  The buyers use the principle of substitution. “Which house will work for them and at what price.”  Buyers don’t care what you paid for the house, how much money you have put into the house, what bills you want to pay off when you sell the house. The buyers look only at how your house and price compare to other houses they have seen both on the internet and in person.

36 ASKING PRICE VS. SELLING PRICE Price too low and you lose the value. Price too high and you lose the buyers. Strategically pricing your home to get it sold for the most money in the least amount of time

37 Critical Weeks When Listed Pricing correctly helps you strike a deal when there is more competition for your home.

38 Pricing VS. Potential Buyers Properly priced, you will have the possibility of many more buyers competing for your property. Asking Price Compared to Market Value Percentage of Potential Buyers who will look for Property Market Value +10% +15% -15% -10% 60% 30% 10% 90% 75%

39 Market Placement - Price  What has sold recently?  What is currently under contract?  What is currently on the market?  What condition will your home be in when it is on the market?

40 Price and the Internet  Price is the most important factor in today’s market because buyers are receiving emails of newly listed homes within minutes of the property coming on the market. They make quick decisions based on the photos of the house and the price. The old saying “You only have one chance to make a first impression” is truer than ever in today’s real estate market. This is one reason that well priced homes are selling in days. Once a home is seen by buyers they either go and see it or if they feel the price is too high they delete it.

41 Importance of Pricing I will negotiate on your behalf to help get the best price at the best term s in the shortest amount of time. Over time a home that has not been sold may attract offers below market value.

42 Summary  Type of Sale, Condition, Seller Motivation,  Competition and what has recently Sold  Come together to determine the Price of your property.

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