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CCG assurance & development

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1 CCG assurance & development
Christine Briggs, Director of Operations

2 Context CCGs - new type of NHS organisation – statutory body rooted in the community it serves, constituted by its members and led by clinicians 211 CCGs nationally facing most significant challenges NHS has ever experienced

3 Assurance Interim process to monitor CCGs during their first few months Annual capability assessment and identification of CCG’s support needs Final process to be agreed post pilot

4 Assurance Quality for patients
Accountability of CCGs to their local populations A heavy focus on the role of CCGs in securing patient and public engagement Identification of the support a CCG needs to realise its full potential

5 Assurance Delivery – delivering full range of outcomes and standards agreed in its plan and those in the NHS outcomes framework, NHS Constitution, delivery plan & financial plans Capability – ensuring CCG is set up now and in future to serve patients and communities effectively – exhibiting the right behaviors with patients, communities and partner; demonstrating right skills and knowledge, discharging obligations to improve quality Support - determining the level and nature of the support the CCG needs to be a great commissioner (development needs; interventions; milestones)

6 Assurance CCG balanced scorecard
Are local people getting good quality of care Are patient rights under the NHS Constitution being promoted Are health outcomes improving for local people Are CCGs commissioning services within £ allocations

7 Assurance Two quarterly checkpoints in 2013\14 NHS England Area Team
Balanced scorecard outcomes basis for discussion Identify opportunities for improvement & development Publish balanced scorecard outcomes on website & any support or development needs identified

8 Outcomes - 1st Checkpoint
Are local people getting good quality of care? Rating: Amber Green Issues : Healthcare Acquired Infection Are patient’s rights against NHS Constitution being promoted? Rating: Amber Red Issues: Cancer 62 day pathway for urgent referrals from NHS screening services

9 Outcomes - 1st Checkpoint
Are health outcomes improving for local people (mainly an annual data collection so not full dataset yet): Rating: Red Issues: Healthcare Acquired Infection; Numbers of patients completing the Friends & Family Test at A&E Are we commissioning within our financial allocation? Rating : Amber Green Issue: Financial risks and mitigating actions Support available: NHS England to work with all CCGs in the North East around Healthcare Acquired Infection

10 Any questions?

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