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IFTA/IRP Joint Session Encouraging Cooperation Between IRP and IFTA Processes Joy Prenger, Missouri Mary Jo Pointer, Missouri.

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1 IFTA/IRP Joint Session Encouraging Cooperation Between IRP and IFTA Processes Joy Prenger, Missouri Mary Jo Pointer, Missouri

2 Introduction As administrators, we are constantly looking for ways to save time, energy, and resources One means of doing this is to foster greater cooperation between IFTA and IRP processes, which are similar in nature including other motor carrier programs.

3 Missouri Executive Order – March 19,2001 – Develop a common registration process among the four state agencies – Provide an Internet registration application to be accessible through the common process developed by the agencies – Develop a plan toward the ultimate consolidation of the state agencies – Develop a single motor carrier services office in Jefferson City

4 Missouri July 11, 2002 Missouri Highway Reciprocity Commission Division of Motor Carrier and Railroad Safety Overdimension and Overweight Permit Section Hazardous Waste Transporter and Waste Tire Program to Missouri Department of Transportation – Motor Carrier Services Division

5 Statutory Authority Missouri RSMo 226.008 – August 28,2003 Highway and Transportation Commission shall have responsibility over: – Licensing, supervising and regulating motor carriers Transportation of passengers, household goods, housemovers and other property Transporting hazardous waste and permitting waste tire haulers Compliance by motor carriers with applicable requirements relating to safety – Safety Audits, Compliance Reviews, New Entrant, Educational Contacts

6 Statutory Authority cont. – International Registration Plan – International Fuel Tax Agreement – Permitting of Overdimension/overweight vehicles Further: – Transferred employees Highway Reciprocity Division of Motor Carrier and Railroad Safety

7 Memorandom of Understanding Department of Revenue – IRP and IFTA audits DOR conducts required compliance audits as mandated DOR has access to HRC mainframe – General Registration System access Department of Economic Development – Mainframe support – Assistance in data conversion to new system Department of Natural Resources – Hazardous Waste Transporter License – Waste Tire Transporter License Fees collected transmitted to DNR

8 Motor Carrier Services Organizational Chart

9 Missouri – Current Business IRP and IFTA exist separately in a single mainframe system IRP and IFTA audits are performed from information downloaded to D B software. Audited data re-entered into mainframe system Operating Authority and OD/OW reside in separate mainframe systems Accounting functionality is a mixture of mainframe and office application process

10 Missouri – Consolidation Implementation One Facility- February 7, 2005 Class Room Cross Training Hands On Training Revising Rules and Regulations – MCS Advisory Committee – OD/OW Task Force

11 Missouri – Additional Projects Single web-based system for all programs with a common carrier account Internet Protocol Phone system installed – Future integration with the web-based system Industry Education

12 Home Page

13 Customer Search

14 Customer Profile

15 Carrier Activity

16 Login Screen

17 Common Carrier Screen

18 Form of Business

19 IRP Inquiry Menu

20 Fleet Inquiry

21 Mileage Inquiry

22 Audit Menu

23 IFTA Main Menu

24 IFTA Return

25 IFTA Return cont.

26 Beyond Cooperation between IRP and IFTA Encourage jurisdictions to look beyond these two programs – Public protection – Increased compliance – Safer trucking transportation – Reduces burdens/better customer service – Increase revenue – Increase partner relationship

27 Overdimension/Overweight Permits

28 Operating Authority

29 Single State Registration System

30 Insurance Procedures Menu


32 Carrier Detail View

33 Advantages for the Motor Carrier Assured compliance in all areas Elimination of duplicated information Training in all programs Ability to deal with one office One payment for all programs

34 California IFTA is administered by the Board of Equalization (BOE) IRP is administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

35 California


37 People of the State of California Executive Director State Board of Equalization Chief Fuel Taxes Division Motor Carrier Section Deputy Director Special Taxes Fuel Industry Section Diesel, Gasoline, and Alternative Fuels Tax Administration IFTA IFTA Enforcement

38 California The California Commercial Vehicle Operations Strategic Business Plan (1999) recommended investigation of the reorganization and/or consolidation of organizational responsibilities No action was taken on the recommendation The California Performance Review under Governor Schwarzenegger did not recommend consolidation of BOE with any other agency

39 California DMV and BOE maintain separate databases BOE participates in the Regional Processing Center The California Highway Patrol enforces IRP BOE enforces IFTA BOE is a revenue agency Tax laws administered by BOE have extensive language on audits, assessments and appeals

40 California California’s Motor Vehicle Code does not have extensive language on audits, assessments and appeals DMV handles many aspects of interstate carrier operations in addition to IRP (CDLs, insurance, medical cards, etc.) Notwithstanding, DMV and BOE are working cooperatively to find common ground in the audit of carriers and registration of carriers

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