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Anita Sego Spring, 2005.

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1 Anita Sego Spring, 2005

2 Chapter Objectives Define coordinated school health program.
List the ideal members of a school health team. Explain why a school health program is important. Identify the major foundations of a coordinated school health program.

3 Chapter Objectives Define written school health policies and explain their importance to the school health program. Explain processes for developing and implementing school health pollicies. List eight major components of a coordinated school health program. Describe the role of the school health coordinator.

4 Chapter Objectives Identify those services offered as apart of school health services and explain why schools are logical places to offer such services. Describe three models for offering school health services. Explain what is meant by healthy school environment and discuss two major environments.

5 Chapter Objectives Define health education.
List three major instructional patterns for teaching health. Explain the U. S. Department of Education and the CDC’s Programs that Work projects. Identify and briefly explain four issues that are faced by school health advocates.

6 Introduction The school health program is an important component of community health because every citizen must pass through this institution.

7 Definition Coordinated School Health Program Components
An organized set of policies, procedures, and activities designed to protect, promote, and improve the health and well-being of students and staff, thus improving the student’s ability to learn. Components school health education - physical education health services - school nutrition school environment - family and community counseling - health promotion psychological and social services

8 Coordinated School Health Program
Education Parent/ Community Involvement Physical Education Health Services Health Promotion for Staff Nutrition Services Healthy School Environment Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services

9 School Health Team Students Parents Teachers Administrators
Medical personnel Maintenance workers Social workers Food service workers Counseling Personnel Primary role is to provide coordination of the various component of the coordinated school health program.

10 School Health Team School nurse maintain and review birth records
dispense medications train others conduct health follow-ups help develop school health policies identify students with medical problems identify community health resources

11 School Health Team Teacher’s role instruction services school living

12 Need for School Health Health of children and their learning are reciprocally related. Unhealthy child has a difficult time learning unhealthy child can be disruptive to others school programs included in Health People 2010 not a panacea

13 School Program Foundations
Support of school administration Well-organized school health team Written school health policies

14 School Health Policies
Written statements that provide a framework to guide. Describe the nature of the program and procedures for its implement-ation. Development Implementation

15 Comprehensive School Health Components
Administration and Organization School Health Services Health appraisals Emergency services Prevention & control of communicable diseases, Healthful School Environment Physical Psychosocial Health Education includes all health education in the schools

16 School Health Instruction
Community health Consumer health Environmental health Family life Mental & emotional health Injury prevention & safety Nutrition Personal health Prevention & control of disease Substance use & abuse Growth and development/sexuality

17 Instructional Approaches
Direct health is taught as a separate discipline Correlated health is taught as part of other disciplines, i.e., science, home economics or physical education Integrated health is the vehicle through which other disciplines are taught

18 HEALTH Science Math Home Economics Language Arts Physical Education
Social Studies Music Art Integrated Instructional Approach

19 Concerns & Issues Comprehensive school health programs Controversy
research shows programs work - however they are not in place in all schools although the need is strong Controversy based on differing values & religious teachings & over the proper implementing of the curriculum School-based clinics/School linked clinics offer comprehensive health services, have met with resistance in certain communities Violence in Schools risk factors need to be identified

20 The School Health Program: A Component of Community Health
Chapter 6 The School Health Program: A Component of Community Health

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