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A Craigmillar Journey to School Improvement Lindsey Watt, Headteacher.

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1 A Craigmillar Journey to School Improvement Lindsey Watt, Headteacher

2 Castleview 2004 HMIE – required a return visit High exclusion rate Low attainment Unworkable behaviour policy Poor Attendance (staff and pupils) Disillusioned, sceptical staff Loss of Headteacher = 2 x Acting Headteachers School had not moved forward

3 2004 - Ensure Improvement in … the structure of the curriculum by establishing clear expectations about what pupils are to learn and how this will be planned and assessed; raising attainment in reading, writing and mathematics by ensuring appropriate levels of pace and challenge for all pupils in their learning; monitoring pupils’ progress to help further develop their learning experiences.

4 Investment in Leadership by City of Edinburgh Council Sciennes Castleview to

5 All schools should reflect aspects of the 6 Columban Values

6 Awareness of the public perception of Craigmillar’s Young People ?

7 Focus on the reality

8 Create the Long-term Vision - A High Quality Learning Experience

9 Eradicate barriers to learning School Environment Home Environment Health & Well-Being

10 Culture of leadership and ownership of learning at every level

11 School Environment Stabilise Staffing Create Calmness, respect and love Curriculum for Excellence a mandate for change Development of T&L approaches Planning & Assessment Encourage and map a Journey of Learning Teach transferable skills and apply in other contexts Teamwork – CTs, PSAs, SfL, EAL, EWO, HOTS Quality Continuous Professional Development Promotion of partnerships in the City

12 Persevere - Attainment and Achievement

13 2011 Cabinet Secretary For Life Long Learning’s Attainment Group

14 1.Increasing the ambition, aspiration and expectation of every child and young person. 2. Delivering excellent learning and teaching in every classroom, every day 3. Developing effective leadership at all levels 4. Engaging family and the wider community 5. Focus on Literacy and numeracy as platforms on which to build future learning. 5. Using information intelligently to understand progress.

15 Partnerships Cluster Primaries and High School Richmond’s Hope Nairn's Oatcakes Community Citizenship Project Castlegreen Care Home Social Work Community Police & Park Rangers Edinburgh University School of Architecture Queen Margaret University Benmore Outdoor Centre Historic Scotland Families and Schools Together - FAST Thistle Foundation

16 Historic Scotland Inspirational Teaching Curriculum for Excellence in Action

17 Culture of Belief became the Norm

18 HMIE 2013 Improvements in performanceVery good Learners’ experiencesVery good Meeting learning needsExcellent CurriculumExcellent Improvements through self- evaluation Very Good

19 Culture of leadership continues … MAKING THE DIFFERENCE: TEAM Winners in this category needed to demonstrate that leaders who guide or direct others can be anyone, from the smallest child to the highest ranked person in the organisation. Teams can also lead the way. Leadership is about inspiring and motivating others and supporting others to achieve a common goal.

20 Get a Life! You don’t know what is around the corner!

21 New Challenges Widen Transition Experiences Extend Broad General Education Develop Curriculum for Excellence Increase Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Learning Eradicate the poverty of ambition

22 What did I do today that made a difference?

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