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This is my Acrostic Poem!!!! This is my shape poems.

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2 This is my Acrostic Poem!!!!

3 This is my shape poems

4 This is my Onomatopoeia I did TiK ToK!!

5 This is my Onomatopoeia Rhyme ! My BIG hand can move 60 mins in a hour, I am the one with the strength and power…..

6 Ana… Musical, Brave, Confided, Outgoing Daughter is Rosana Becker and Wilson Becker Who feels proud of work in class Who needs her friend Erica Who gives good advice. Who fears of small spaces. Who would like to see New york in New year Resident of Qatar Becker

7 We had to look for different kinds of poems so in the next 4 pages, I going show 4 different types of poems !

8 Tittle: Trees Pg.24 Example: The oak is called the king of trees

9 Example: A seed is just as huge a world Tittle: Measurement Pg. 23

10 Example: The air is like a butterfly Tittle : Easter Pg.42

11 Tittle: Two Witches Pg. 190 Example: So its hard to tell which Witch has the itch and which witch has the twitch

12 Here is MY Haiku, that I wrote Faster than the wind (5) You better watch out for it (7) Don’t let it touch you (5)

13 This my 2 nd Haiku Everyday I get it Very boring but also very fun Wastes my time and life

14 Music Musical, Peaceful Calming, Relaxing, Dancing I love the Harmony! Melody

15 The Dog Yesterday I found a dog Who jumped upon a log The dog had a tag And he was kind of sad With he’s friend the frog

16 Acrostic Poem You spell out a word and each of its letter begin a new line to the poem

17 Onomatopoeia Words that mimics the sound it represents

18 Shape Poem It is a poem about the shape you chose !

19 Bio Poem A structured poem. It uses the following ideas /phrase to begin each line of the poem

20 Personification Poem Human qualities, feelings characteristics given to inanimate objects

21 Simile Poem A way of comparing 2 things and written with the words like or as

22 Metaphor Poem Describes 2 thing as if they were the same without using like or as

23 Alliteration Poem The repetition of the beginning sound or letter in 2 or more words line of the verse

24 Haiku Poem A form of Japanese, usually about nature. The first has 5 syllable, the second line 7 syllable and the third line has 5 syllable

25 Cinquains Poem Line 1: Tittle Line 2: 2 adjectives about tittle Line 3: 3 verbs about the tittle Line 4: A phrase about the tittle Line 5: Another word for the tittle

26 Limerick A light humorous, nonsensical, or bawdy verse of five anapestic lines usually with the rhyme scheme aa bb a.


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