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English II – 1/13/14 Objectives: -Answer practice ACT questions -Prove comprehension of reading Bell ringer: Directions – Add commas and semicolons where.

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1 English II – 1/13/14 Objectives: -Answer practice ACT questions -Prove comprehension of reading Bell ringer: Directions – Add commas and semicolons where needed. 1.I’m so glad the ice melted but OMG it’s flooding everywhere! 2.I am going to a workshop tomorrow I hope you complete your work while I am gone. 3.Although they won the game they still need to win the city competition please wish them luck. 4.This is the best food we have ever tasted we should come back here for my birthday.

2 ACT Passage #3 1.D – prepositional phrase is after the word it modifies 2.G – no unnecessary comma 3.C – use of conjunctive adverb correctly 4.G – past tense of learn 5.B – correct form of become (irregular) 6.J – no unnecessary comma 7.C – sentence addition makes sense 8.G – correct use of that to show cause-effect 9.C – uses past tense of join 10.H – correct past tense of speak 11.A – use of conjunctive adverb correctly 12.F – past tense of become 13.C – eliminates synonymous words 14.F – correct use of preposition: to 15.C – comma sets off the quotation

3 Uglies – Questions through p. 30 Directions – Please answer each question in a complete sentence in your English II notebook. 1.How does Tally sneak into the mansion? Why does she have to sneak in? (Ch. 1) 2.The author uses imagery to help the reader visualize – cite one example from the text with a page number. (Ch. 2) 3.Describe all of Peris’ physical changes. What part of Peris’ physical changes bothers Tally the most? Why? 4.What do you think of Tally so far? What is a word or two you’d use to describe her – explain why. 5.Who is Shay, and what do we know about her so far?

4 English II – 1/15/14 Objectives: -Introduce conjunctive adverbs -Provide textual evidence Bell ringer: Please have journals out and open to work from M/T. Directions – Complete the following sentences where you see “…”, and add commas and semicolons where needed. 1.I felt sure someone had been in my room because… 2.Roslyn’s parents said she can have a car I hope… 3.Unless you arrive early…

5 Grammar Fails! Why are word order and effective transitions important in writing?

6 Notes on Conjunctive Adverbs Another excellent method of joining ideas is to use a semicolon and a special kind of adverb which is called a conjunctive adverb. Conjunctive adverbs are often used as transitions in writing. You could say: He received an A on his paper, and the instructor exempted him from the final. But it sounds more sophisticated if you say: He received an A on his paper; furthermore, the instructor exempted him from the final. Common Conjunctive Adverbs: Please copy this list in your notes! consequently means as a result futhermore means in addition however means in contrast instead means in place of meanwhile means at the same time nevertheless means in contrast otherwise means as an alternative therefore means for that reason

7 Summaries for Uglies pp. 31-65 “Wipe Out” “Facing the Future” “Pretty Boring” “Rapids” “The Rusty Ruins”

8 “Wipe Out” Shay is teaching T. to ride a hoverboard. Hoverboarding looks fun, but T. realizes it’s hard. They share a bday. “Facing the Future” T. Believes that everything is better because of the surgeries. S. doesn’t agree with T. “Pretty Boring” Shay and Tally decide to sneak out and see the ruins now that they are both good at hoverboarding. Tally was scared, but decided to go and break another rule anyways. “Rapids” T. And S. ride the rapids to get to the ruins. T. finally gets to she her city from afar and at night. S. seems to know way more about how society really is vs. T. is more sheltered. “The Rusty Ruins” S. Shows T. the roller coaster and they ride it on their boards. S. tells T. about a secret friend she has – David.

9 English II – 1/16/14 Objectives: -Read and annotate -Cite textual evidence Directions: Copy each sentence. Decide where you should add commas and/or semicolons, and then finish the sentence. 1.It is Thursday furthermore [finish this sentence]. 2. I know I need to study tonight, but the game is on therefore [finish this sentence]. 3. The weekend was anything but dull instead [finish this sentence]. 4. Many people enjoy attending the theater however [finish this sentence].

10 ACT Passage #5 1.C – items in a series 2.J – own is redundant 3.A – no errors and identifies the topic of the paragraph 4.G – use of pronouns 5.D – uses an adverb (vs. adjective) 6.H – gets rid of comma between the subject and verb 7.C – sentence is irrelevant to the paragraph 8.J – uses conjunction and correctly 9.B – both verbs are in the past tense 10.J – explains the boys’ decisions in connection to family values 11.C – because in relates the action to the family 12.G – it is positive and matches the description in the paragraph 13.D – the “entire extended family” already includes all the relatives 14.H – links clauses with an appropriate conjunction 15.A – the sentence summarizes the thesis (that family expectations influence a young person’s life) of the essay

11 “On Teenagers and Tattoos” Discuss: What is the difference between an informational text vs. one that is meant to tell a story? What reading strategies should be used when reading information texts? We can access a lot of background knowledge simply from reading the title - why do you think teenagers get tattoos? Now listen and annotate as I read the background info and first two paragraphs. Who do you think the audience is for this piece? Cite one piece of textual evidence which helps you make this inference. What does the author want his audience to know? Jigsaw the remaining three paragraphs – Read quietly, annotate, and discuss with a partner. Be ready to share out a quote or two from your paragraph which supports the writer’s purpose.

12 English II – 1/17/14 Objectives: -Use conjunctive adverbs correctly -Introduction to Black Ensemble Theater Bell ringer: Directions: Copy each sentence and add a conjunctive adverb in the blank. Then decide where you should add commas and/or semicolons. 1.I stayed up too late last night _____ I was exhausted for my exams today. 2.LeAlan really wanted to attend U of I _____ he made sure to have above average grades and a solid ACT score. 3.Marisol went shopping _____ her brother headed to the lake to go swimming. 4.My cousin’s family is heading to Jamaica this summer _____ my family is heading to Massachusetts.

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