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Sentence Diagramming Part 6: Adverbs.

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1 Sentence Diagramming Part 6: Adverbs

2 What is an Adverb? extremely An adverb is a word that describes a:
Adjective Adverb Hint: Almost any words that ends –ly is an adverb. quickly extremely Surprisingly unusually considerably

3 What Do Adverbs Do? Adverbs answer the following questions: Where When
How How often To what extent It is cold outside! (Where is it cold?) We should go to London tomorrow. (When should we go?) We should buy a ticket quickly. (How should we buy a ticket?) Sometimes Paris is better than London. (How often is it better?) London is really cool! (To what extent is it cool?)

4 Diagramming Adverbs: Like adjectives, Adverbs are diagrammed below the baseline, directly under the verb, adjective, or adverb that they describe. The passengers quickly boarded the plane. This adverb answers the question “how” passengers boarded plane The quickly the

5 Diagramming Adverbs: Our flight landed early. (Adv. describing a verb)
This adverb answers the question “when?” Our early The plane ticket was not very expensive. (Adv describing an adj.) ticket was expensive This adverb answers “to what extent?” The not very plane

6 More Diagramming Practice:
The customs officer stamped our passport relatively quickly! (Adverb describing another adverb) officer stamped passport The customs quickly our relatively These adverb work together to answer “how” the officer stamped the passport. My passport is almost full! passport is full My almost This adverb answers the question “To what extent?”

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