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Objectives Define photo editing software

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1 Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Illustrated Unit A: Getting Started with Photoshop CS5

2 Objectives Define photo editing software
Start Photoshop and view the workspace Use the Zoom tool and the Hand tool Save a document and understand file formats Understand and change resolution

3 Objectives Change image size Create a new document
Transform the canvas Crop an image Crop an image to a specific size

4 Defining Photo Editing Software
Photoshop CS5 offers a variety of tools, menus, menu commands, and panels to edit and manipulate digital images images that come from a digital camera images from scanning a photograph or slide or images that are created from scratch CS5 allows the editing of images in a variety of ways in order to enhance them or process them for different types of uses such as print or use on the Web

5 Defining Photo Editing Software
Tasks that Photoshop CS5 can be used to accomplish include: Acquire images from a variety of devices Apply basic processing procedures Improve the color and quality of images Fix image flaws Add special effects Batch-process image files Output to various devices

6 Defining Photo Editing Software
Various effects with an old photo

7 Defining Photo Editing Software
Graphics programs refer to a wide range of software applications Three basic categories of graphics programs Bitmap graphics (raster graphics) use pixels, color squares that are very small to create an image Vector graphics are created on a computer, not through scanning or downloading; referred to as draw programs Animation programs use timelines to create a sequence of graphics

8 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES True/False. Photoshop CS5 allows you to edit images. (Answer: True) What are digital images? (Answer: images that you get from a digital camera, from scanning a photograph or a slide, or one that you create from scratch)

9 Starting Photoshop and Viewing the Workspace
To start Photoshop either launch Photoshop or open an already created Photoshop file Before opening or creating a new document the workspace becomes available and consists of: the Application bar (top of the screen) the Tools panel (on the left of the screen) the dock of panels (on the right of the screen)

10 Starting Photoshop and Viewing the Workspace
The Applications bar contains: the Application icon the Photoshop menus some basic tools Zoom tool Hand tool Workspace switcher – allows choices from a list of custom workspaces Elements of the workspace can be rearranged to create and save a customized workspace

11 Starting Photoshop and Viewing the Workspace
The Applications bar may appear as two rows, depending on the monitor resolution and if using a Macintosh Click the Collapse to Icons button to view panels as icons Use the Window menu to access all of the panels in Photoshop Double-clicking the name tab of an open panel minimizes the panel

12 Starting Photoshop and Viewing the Workspace
The Essentials workspace

13 Starting Photoshop and Viewing the Workspace
A big consideration for managing the Photoshop workspace is to maximize the room available to view the image being worked on condensing panels by grouping them is a smart choice for maximizing working space minimizing panels is a great choice for keeping essential panels open but out of the way Use the Help menu if needing to learn more about a tool or feature Adobe’s online Help site is available after installing the program

14 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES Which menu item gives you access to all of the Photoshop panels? (Answer: Window menu)

15 Using the Zoom Tool and the Hand Tool
When working with Photoshop files they can be viewed from different perspectives Use the Zoom tool to enlarge and reduce the image on the screen If the image is enlarged where it does not fit the screen, use the Hand tool to scroll to see all areas of the image

16 Using the Zoom Tool and the Hand Tool
The Zoom and Hand tools are used so often learning keyboard commands are really important to learn Useful quick keys

17 Using the Zoom Tool and the Hand Tool
Creating a marquee with the Zoom tool

18 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES To reduce an image, which key should you hold down? (Answer: Alt or option) What tool can you use to scroll around an image? (Answer: Hand tool)

19 Saving a Document and Understanding File Formats
File formats are specific types of computer code that are used to save images for various types of output to use with other applications Standard file format for Photoshop files

20 Saving a Document and Understanding File Formats
The key to choosing a file format is understanding what the file is to be used for Save As dialog box

21 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES True/False. Bitmap is the same as Portable Network Graphics. (Answer: False) True/False. .jpg and .jpeg are the same type of file format. (Answer: True) Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Illustrated

22 Understanding and Changing Resolution
All Photoshop files are bitmap graphics A bitmap graphic is a graphic composed of pixels pixel is a term that comes from the words pictures and elements a bitmap image is a grid of pixels

23 Understanding and Changing Resolution
Resolution is a measurement of the number of pixels per inch (ppi) The higher the resolution, the greater number of pixels a file 1”X1” with a resolution of 100 pixels per inch would contain 10,000 pixels (100 pixels wide X 100 pixels high)

24 Understanding and Changing Resolution
Image size refers to the physical dimensions of the image-width and height File size is how large the file is in computer memory Image resolutions and sizes

25 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES Why is it important to understand what resolution is?

26 Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Illustrated
Changing Image Size Image size is not dependent on resolution-meaning two files of the same dimensions can be created with two different resolutions Image size is related to resolution; all bitmap images regardless of physical dimensions have a resolution Changing the width and height of an image will affect the image’s resolution Resizing an image may have a negative effect the image’s appearance Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Illustrated

27 Changing Image Size When looking at an image for quality it should be viewed at 100% or larger Image size Image size

28 Creating a New Document
Many of the images that are worked on in Photoshop are either scanned or captured by a digital camera An image can also be created from scratch by creating a new document in Photoshop Use the New dialog box and specify the image’s width, height and resolution

29 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES True/False. Image size is not dependent on resolution. (Answer: True) True/False. All bitmap images have a resolution. Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Illustrated

30 Creating a New Document
New dialog box

31 Creating a New Document Color Models and Color Modes
A color model defines the colors that are seen and work with digital images RGB (red, green blue) CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) HSB (hue, saturation, brightness) In Photoshop a document’s color model is listed on the Image menu The color mode determines which color model is being used to display and print the image

32 Creating a New Document Color Models and Color Modes
RGB is the standard color mode when working with digital images Selecting a color mode has an impact on which tools and formats are available all Photoshop tools and features are available in the RGB Color mode All files that are printed traditionally must at some point by CMYK files

33 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES After creating a new document, where does the filename appear? (Answer: in the upper-left corner of the document) Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Illustrated

34 Transforming the Canvas
The bed of pixels making up an image is referred to as the canvas When an image is opened it usually uses all of the pixels available on the canvas The canvas can be enlarged to add more pixels to the file; perhaps to make room for an additional image

35 Transforming the Canvas
The term transform, when used in Photoshop, refers to specific operations that are made to change the location of pixels Transformations include: Scaling Rotating Skewing and/or Distorting pixels For precise moves, when transforming, use the arrow keys to more the image one pixel at a time

36 Transforming the Canvas
Viewing new pixels added to the canvas Positioning of second image over the new pixels

37 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES What is a canvas?
(Answer: the bed of pixels that make up an image) What does it mean to transform? (Answer: scaling, rotating, skewing, and distorting pixels) Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Illustrated

38 Cropping an Image This basic task allows the definition of an area of an image that is wanted to be kept and the remainder of the image can be discarded Photoshop’s Crop tool makes it easy to execute a single crop and also provides options for previewing the crop before it is executed Cropping an image can often be an artistic choice where a so-so image can be turned into an eye-catching

39 Creating a crop marquee
Cropping an Image Creating a crop marquee The cropped image

40 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES What is cropping?
(Answer: Cropping an image is a basic task in which you define an area of an image that you want to keep and then discard the remainder of the image) Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Illustrated

41 Cropping an Image to a Specific Size
The Crop tool has a number of options attached to it to enable the tool to execute more than just a simple crop after creating the crop marquee, the rectangle around a selected area, the Crop tool pointer becomes an arrow inside the marquee use the arrow to move the marquee to crop a different area of the image the Crop tool pointer outside of the crop marquee is a rotate pointer use the rotate pointer to rotate the crop marquee specific width and height dimensions can be used to create a crop marquee of a specific size

42 Cropping an Image to a Specific Size
When a specific width and height is entered to crop an image to a specific resolution using the Resolution text box on the Options bar can be also entered This will make the Crop tool function much like the Image Size dialog box No matter where an image is cropped or what size crop marquee is created, new pixels cannot be added or deleted, only redistributed

43 Cropping an Image to a Specific Size
Rotating the crop marquee The cropped, rotated, and resized image

44 CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES True/False. No matter where you crop or what size crop marquee you create, new pixels can be added or deleted. (Answer: False) What is the differences between cropping and image size?

45 Summary Photoshop CS5 offers a variety of tools to edit and manipulate digital images The three basic categories of graphics programs are: vector, bitmap, and animation File formats are important as they are used to save images for various types of output to use with other applications

46 Summary Photoshop files are bitmap graphics composed of pixels
The greater the number of pixels the higher the resolution of the image A bed of pixels comprises a canvas The canvas can be enlarged to add additional pixels

47 Summary Pixels can be transformed by
Scaling, rotating, skewing or distorting Cropping of an image allows for an area of the image to be used and the other parts can be discarded

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