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Welcome to Kingdown School Post –16 Evening 2012 Believe, Aspire, Achieve.

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1 Welcome to Kingdown School Post –16 Evening 2012 Believe, Aspire, Achieve

2 The Team Mr Evans (Head of VI Form) Mrs Legge (Deputy Head of Sixth Form) Mr Porter (SLT link, strategic decisions) Mr Munro (UCAS) Heads of House Tutor Mrs Hjelm (Able, Gifted and Talented) Student Leadership Team Careers Team (Mrs Lawson)

3 Our Aim To ensure that a growing Sixth Form with increasingly diverse needs, are ready to live and work in a challenging, competitive and fast changing world

4 Objectives Every student has made, at least, good progress (academic and as a person) Students are ready for higher education or employment All students have enjoyed their Sixth Form experience and used their time well All students have contributed to the school, or wider community Students have the qualities needed for a tough economic climate; e.g. independence, resilience, excellent communication skills To develop Sixth Form identity in a vertical and House system

5 Raising of the Participation Age (RPA)

6 What is it? The government is committed to raising the age of compulsory participation in education or training This is being introduced in two stages – until the end of the academic year in which a young person turns 17 from 2013 (current year 11) and until 18 th birthday from 2015 The duty will apply to all young people aged 16- 17 resident in England without a level 3 qualification

7 How will it affect your son/ daughter? Young people have an entitlement and duty to continued learning Employers have a duty to ensure all under 18s receive accredited training (280 hrs) but don’t have to pay for it but must make it available

8 Results 2012 Pass rate 100% 46% A* - B 79% A* - C Met or exceeded all key targets for last 3 yrs

9 The Opportunities To develop and grow as a person, and a community. Improve a wide range of skills including leadership, confidence and self reliance. Joining and potentially leading councils within the school. For example; Army, ICT, Sports, Community, Pastoral, Teaching and Learning. Become a mentor to a younger student, a leader in your tutor group, and a role model within the school. Trips and visits which develop life skills and support learning. For example, Tanzania, D of E, Art trip to London, French trip to Paris and Safe Drive Stay Alive. Head Students and House Captains. Extended projects You will be given the opportunity to prepare for your future in a friendly environment with people who will support you every step of the way.

10 The Social and the Academic Finding the right balance for you; everyone is different Part time work/jobs Having a social life (it is possible) Keeping on top of your work load You are now the boss of your own learning

11 Courses on offer…. Art Art & Design (Applied) Beauty (Level 2) Biology Business (Applied) Business (BTEC) Business Studies Chemistry Child Development Design English Language/Literature English Literature Food French Geography GCSE Retakes English & Maths Hairdressing (Level 2) Health/Social Care (Applied) History Information Tech ( Cambridge TEC) Maths and Stats, or Mechanics Further Maths Media Studies Performance Studies Philosophy Physical Education Physics Psychology Public Services (Level 2) Science (Applied) Sociology Sport (BTEC) Theatre Studies Textiles Workskills (Level 2)

12 Entry to Kingdown Sixth Form Different courses have different entry requirements  A Levels: 5A*-C EM plus Bs in relevant subject(s) – Red Route  Applied A Levels: 5A*-C EM – Purple Route  Vocational Courses (BTECs): 5A*-C plus English – Green Route  Level 2 Courses: 5A*-E – Blue Route Other schools and colleges have different entry requirements

13 Option Pools 2013 - 2015

14 Things to consider this evening! How the subject helps/links to next career step The student’s strengths e.g. learning style Balance of subjects and combinations What do the Universities/Employers want? Required GCSE grades in subjects Will I enjoy the subject?

15 What next? Tonight Please stay seated (collect information outside the hall) Red folders Internal applicants. Green folders external Chat to staff and get student opinion Consider subject combinations that fit in with the pools

16 After tonight Read all information carefully e.g. course information 1-2-1 with a senior teacher Speak to current students Contact the careers advisor Opportunities for advice Deadline for Applications Friday 8 th February 2013 New Sixth Induction (2 nd – 4 th July) GCSE results 22 nd August 2013

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