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Laura Scarpulla- Secondary LA Specialist

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1 Laura Scarpulla- Secondary LA Specialist
Accountable Talk: * helps creates a safe, supportive learning community *Values Effort *develops thinking dispositions *Practices Giving and getting feedback Laura Scarpulla- Secondary LA Specialist

2 80% of what we see, hear and do!
We retain: 20% of what we hear 40% of what we see and hear 80% of what we see, hear and do! Knowles research

3 Features of accountable talk
Accountability to the learning community involves: Careful listening to others Building on each others ideas Paraphrasing and seeking clarification Respectful disagreement Being specific and accurate Resisting saying “anything that comes to mind” Working to link clear statements, claims and evidence Participating in the discussion

4 Rules in Laura’s Classroom
Share the airspace. Listen for periods. Connect to someone else’s idea. Respectful disagree by using “I” statements. Use the text “On page… it says that…” Resisting saying “anything that comes to mind” Use Teacher Talk- practice sounding super smart Invite people into the conversation “Laura, what do you think?” If you are mad, think first, speak third Rewind, reword

5 Accountable talk wall chart
Accountable Talk Prompts - I wonder why… - I have a question about… - I agree with… - I disagree with… - That reminds me of… - I don’t understand… - I predict… - I figured out… - I liked/disliked….

6 Pair share & Inner/Outer Circle
Know the expectations- model, model, model I often use fish-bowls to scaffold Teacher or student(s) give feedback regularly, set goals Pair-share to prepare for the discussion circle What do you see as most useful to you as your try to spark dialogue amongst your most resistant teachers? Inner-Outer discussion circle Observation forms help scaffold Less formal methods= track the conversation 2 ways

7 Vocab Review & Spectrum Lines
Pair vocabulary review One student faces board, other has his/her back to board, student facing board gives hints without saying the vocab word Spectrum lines- then fold in half and talk Right=Monologue is a good way to teach and learn, prepares students Left= Dialogue is a good way to teach and learn, engages students

8 Tableaux & Whip About Tableaux- students freeze frame to represent a scene, word, concept etc. Tableaux generally takes the form of a frozen scene or pose that captures a physical, psychological, or emotional relationship. Students can represent vocabulary, create mental models of complex concepts and procedures, or visually translate a host of themes and ideas- then while in scene, they explain the concepts and representations to the group or teacher(s). Whip About Procedure Students answer question on paper, stands up, share responses by calling on each other, sit if your response is shared, hear all responses

9 10 coins in a hat Ten Coins in a Hat-
Group students (4-5), assign roles A-C are talkers, D is observer. Observer keeps the talkers on task. Does not participate in conversation, but says things like “We’re getting off topic” or “B hasn’t had a turn yet” Students are given a task such as answering a question, providing opinions, solving a problem. Every student gets the same number of coins. When you take your turn, you put one coin in the hat. Goal= to get rid of all of your coins.

10 Retelling Rubric (narrative example)
Use a Retelling Rubric- students get it in advance 2= exceeds standards 1= meets standards 0= needs improvement Example= CHARACTERS in a story 2= Student provides several important details about main characters. Student can explain the relationships between characters. 1= Student provides one or two important details about main characters. Student can explain the relationships between some of the characters. 0= Student is confused about characters or is not familiar with characters.

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