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Sonora High School Class of 2014

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1 Sonora High School Class of 2014

2 Transcripts Shows all grades to date and work in progress for both semesters of the senior year. Be sure to look this over for accuracy. If you have missing grades, for example from summer school on another campus let your counselor know immediately. GPA Competencies Credit summary, not a complete grad check.

3 Graduation Status Check
First column - Requirements for Graduation Second column – Completed units Third column – Classes currently enrolled in Fourth column – What you still need. ( Ideally reads all zeros in your senior year. If not, see your counselor) Below shows competency requirements and CAHSEE results

4 Graduation from high school is one of the most important things you can do for your family and most of all for yourself.

5 Credit Make- up Option 1 – Academic Saturday School
Available to make-up units required for graduation Must have earned a passing grade in the course 3 Saturdays 8:00 am – 12:00 pm = 1 credit Saturdays have been broken up into sessions Must complete an entire session ( 3 consecutive Saturdays) to earn 1 credit In addition to attendance, work assigned must be completed at a passing level.

6 Credit Make-up Option 2 – La Sierra High School APEX
Once approved for enrollment, enrollment appointment must be made with Mrs. Tejeda in room 309 or via phone or by the deadline given. Enrollment appointment takes approximately 45 minutes in which you will learn what will be expected of you, how to work the computer system, and rules of the program. Expected to progress at a rate of at least ½ credit a week or you will be dropped.

7 Complete Class Make -up
A complete class that needs to be made-up will be put into your schedule provided there is room. A complete class can be made-up through the APEX program at La Sierra. Same rules as credit make-up. ** You must progress at a rate of ½ credit a week or you will be dropped. Cannot be used to fix a failing grade during second semester of Senior year.

8 What happens if a Fail a first semester class required for graduation.
If an equivalent class is available second semester you will be placed into that class. (For example if you fail Gov then you will take both Gov and Econ second semester) If an equivalent class is not available, for example 1st semester English, you will have to complete the entire course through the La Sierra APEX system.

9 Second Semester Seniors must pass second semester classes required for graduation or they will not walk with their class. There are no make-up options. If you lose units during second semester and have time to do the credit recovery, you will be allowed to make up units.

10 Graduation Reminders

11 High School Graduation Reminders
Must complete a minimum of units Must be enrolled in at least 5 classes per semester during the senior year Must earn a minimum of 40 credits during the senior year Must complete all required classes for graduation with full units Must pass the Computer competency exam and both parts of the CAHSEE before graduation

12 Lessons to take from this:
Pass all your senior classes with a C or better. Attend your classes. Go to the website daily to see announcements that pertain to seniors. Follow all of your deadlines. See your counselor at break, lunch, and afterschool for any questions or concerns.

13 Congratulations!

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