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1 VECO INVEST Swiss Asset Management Switzerland Hong Kong.

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1 1 VECO INVEST Swiss Asset Management Switzerland Hong Kong

2 VECO INVEST is an independent Swiss asset management firm founded in 1988 and is a member of VECO Group SA (est. 1973). We provide asset management and investment services. We are prudent in our investment process and choice of investment instruments but innovative in our investment philosophy and portfolio construction. As a family owned private company, we are in a position to offer long term commitment and dedication to our clients. Our Group is one of the most respected group in Lugano, Switzerland. Our investment professionals have extensive experience in portfolio management. Our firm pursue a philosophy of independence and discretion. As we do not belong to any banking group, this enables us to provide objective advice and flexible investment strategies. Our clients include high net worth individuals, family offices, trust and foundations. We can also provide consulting services to family offices on their asset allocation and long term investment strategies. Long and well established working relationships with over 20 banking institutions worldwide. We are the first External Asset Manager (EAM) from Lugano to establish a full operation in Hong Kong/China. Our Group is regulated by FINMA* of Switzerland. VECO INVEST (Asia) Limited has been granted Type 9 licence (dealing in asset management) by the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commissioner. 2 VECO INVEST – Company Profile * Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority

3 VECO GROUP Through our global presence with 10 offices worldwide, we will meet all your needs with a personalised approach in international tax planning, asset protection, asset management and succession planning. 3 Veco Trust Veco Invest Veco Trade Corporate services International tax planning Asset protection Trust services Asset & Investment Management 360 degrees family wealth management International Trade Veco Multi-Family Office

4 Our Personalised “360 Degrees” Services 4 Highly personalised and tailored 360 degrees solutions International Tax Planning Succession Planning Asset Protection Investment (Asset Management)

5 Asia Hong Kong * VECO GROUP: branches and subsidiaries Latin America São Paulo Panama Middle East Dubai * VECO INVEST offices Over 100 professional staff worldwide in 10 offices. 5 Europe Amsterdam Luxembourg Malta London Lugano * (head office) Zurich

6 Global Presence – Global Solution TRUST SERVICES PORTFOLIO INVESTMENT FAMILY OFFICE INTERNATIONAL TRADE Main offices Trust Tax planning Asset protection Asset ManagementMulti-Family officeInt’l Trade Lugano  Zurich  Luxembourg  Amsterdam  London  Malta  Dubai  Sao Paulo  Panama  Hong Kong  6

7 To offer you a wide range of personalised services and tailored solutions to meet all your needs – to preserve Assets in bad times and… to grow your Assets in good times. 7 Our Mission

8 Customised Approach for Different Risk Profiles HIGH LOW MED Risk Return Execution Only Discretionary Mandate 0% 100% Mandates with Constraints Discretion We provide customised portfolios based on client’s individual risk profile Flexible mandate 8

9 9 Our Disciplined Investment Process Investment models Fund Selection Monthly Weekly Tactical Asset Allocation Choice of investment products Global context and Investment strategy Quarterly Macro context and expected return Annually Strategic Asset Allocation Market Timing / Rebalancing / Risk Management

10 10 Innovative Investment but traditional analysis Transparency, liquidity, quality, costs and risk levels are key considerations when selecting investment vehicles to achieve the best risk/return profiles. ASSET CLASS Liquid assetsBondsEquities Commodities Alternative Assets Bond funds Individual issuers Long-only funds Structured Products Hedge funds Non-directional funds Absolute return funds Income enhancing products Long-only funds Structured Products Currencies Structured Products

11 11 Open Architecture Through our Open Architecture platform, once the investment idea has been established, we select the best vehicle on the basis of a best-in-class approach with a truly independent and objective view. Fund houses :

12 Our Simple and Transparent Fee Structure 12  Asset Management Mandate  Power of Attorney  Reporting  Account Opening  Manage the Wealth Managers  Manage Consolidated Assets Custodian Banks Client

13 13 VECO helps you to prepare for tomorrow

14 Our offices Hong Kong, China VECO INVEST (Asia) 3204-05 Alexandra House 7-15 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong Email. Tel. +852 31082700 Fax. +852 21521623 14 Lugano, Switzerland VECO INVEST SA Via L. Lavizzari 4 CH – 6900 Lugano Switzerland Tel. +41 91 911 71 11 Fax.+41 91 923 94 19

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