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Contractor Safety Management

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1 Contractor Safety Management
Gaurang Baxi Vice President-Corporate OH&S Ambuja Cements Limited .

2 The Changing Environment
The global outsourcing trend-Risk Transfer ?? Relative safety standards Skill levels Education Lack of supervision Capability and Capacity-Quality and Availability of equipments Behavior and culture Overseas Contractors Corporate social responsibility AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

Overview. Contractor safety management has two parts Management of Contractors Contract Management Management of Contractors requires Prequalification Process Training and communication processes for and with Contractors Audit and improvement process for contractors Contract Management Requires : Define scope of works, identify hazards and award contracts Appoint personnel to manage the contract from an OHS Perspective before works start Manage OHS during works execution Evaluate risks and accept completed works Evaluate contractors OHS performance AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

4 Management of Contractors
Company must establish: A Framework for the prequalification and approval of Contractors based on the type of work to be outsourced. Provisions for consultation with, instructing and training Contractors in both general and specific OH&S requirements of the Group company. Regular audits and review programs of each Contractor’s OH&S performance to ensure ongoing compliance and improvements in OHS. AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

Prequalification As a minimum the prequalification process will identify, assess and record the following: Type of work the Contractor is approved to provide (electrical maintenance, fabrication, catering etc). Company assigned category for contracted service i.e. 1, 2, 3 or 4. Confirmation that the contactor holds appropriate licenses, registrations and insurances. Verification that the Contractor has the technical competency and capability to perform the service safely. The prequalification for each Contractor will be valid for a set period: AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

6 Category of Contractor
Contracted Service Examples Potential Risk Exposure Category of Contractor Office cleaners Administration staff Technical Consultants Low Moderate Category 1 - Individuals engaged on temporary contracts to work within existing operations. These individuals are directly supervised at all times by Holcim. The work being performed is not hazardous or performed within a Hazardous Location. Office equipment repairs Catering services Gardening services LowModerate Category 2 - Companies or Individuals engaged to work within existing operations, where the work is neither hazardous nor in a hazardous area. Construction Projects Quarry & Haulage Mechanical/ electrical maintainers AFR Handling /processing ModerateHigh Category 3 - Companies or individuals engaged to undertake work within existing operations, where the work is hazardous or conducted in a hazardous area. Road Transport Services Product Distribution Transport by rail or vessel Moderate High Category 4 - Companies or individuals engaged to undertake work in areas separate from the existing operation or outside the geographic boundaries of the Group company’s leases or permit areas. AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

7 Training & Communication
Establish appropriate methods for providing information and instruction: Establishment and maintenance of a safety meeting forum for all Contractors involved in active contracts, as a minimum these meetings must be performed quarterly. Provisions for specific instruction on the practices and procedures relevant to the type of work being performed. Provide each Contractor employee an OH&S induction. REMEMBER: You may have to build the OHS capacity of your selected contractor AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

8 Auditing & Improvement
Establish a formal auditing program to ensure each Pre-qualified Contractor company complies with the OH&S obligations detailed in the contract and the level of risk associated with the work. Initial OH&S audits performed on Contractors within 3 months of award of the contract. Approved Contractors in Category 2 must be audited every 2 years. Approved Contractors in Categories 3&4 must be audited at least annually. Where the audit finds deficiencies in the management of OH&S by the Contractor, an OHS improvement plan must be developed and implemented by the Contractor. AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

9 Contractor Safety Management

10 Phase 1: Contract Definition & Award
A formal process must be established for each service being outsourced which requires, prior to tendering, that a formal analysis be conducted and documented on the type of work to be performed and the potential risks associated with that work. Expected duration of the contract. Risk assessment to be conducted on all activities associated with the scope of works. The range of technical skills and equipment required. Category of Contractor required i.e. 1, 2, 3 or 4. AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

Phase 1 OHS Requirements 1/2 As a minimum, the contract tender package must address the following OH&S requirements: Only company approved Contractors can tender for a contract. Detailed description of the scope of works and the site conditions in which the work will be performed. Applicable OH&S laws and company OH&S requirements A copy of the risk assessment and the specific OH&S requirements which will need to be applied to manage each identified risk. The range of skills, licences, certification, expertise which will be required. Specific requirements for the provision of equipment and materials with respect to OH&S AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

Phase 2: Pre Commencement Prior to the commencement of any contract the company will ensure that appropriate arrangements are established to ensure the Contractor is fully prepared in complying with the OH&S requirements stipulated in the contract. Contract Custodian – Designate personnel from company responsible for overseeing the application and compliance to OHS requirements. Pre commencement – verify risk controls, this will require all tools and equipment to be checked prior to being mobilized and appropriate skills and experience of personnel required to perform the task. AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

13 Phase 3: Execution and Control
Ensuring appropriate supervision is available for the types of tasks being performed Establishing the means for informing Contractor employees of the hazards, their risks and methods of control Conducting regular safety observations and inspections Provision of additional resources or specialist equipment for conducting hazardous tasks; this includes the application of the requirements set out in the permit to work system. The reporting of hazards and incidents as and when they arise during the work. Regular communication and reporting on OH&S performance. AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

14 Phase 4: Handover Checking and Acceptance
Inspections of the work area to ensure all redundant material and equipment have been removed and the area is safe for use. All relevant documentation, records and information relating to OH&S have been received by the company. The Contract Custodian and the Contractor must sign a record of acceptance that they are satisfied the area is safe, including equipment and materials, and that they approve the closure of the contract to commence. AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

15 Phase 5: Close Out & Review
Formal review must be undertaken at the completion of each contract, to evaluate the overall OH&S performance of the Contractor. OH&S incidents -Injury / illness experience. Audit observations and corrective actions. Quality and experience of the Contractor’s supervision. Compliance of the Contractor’s equipment, tools and materials with the Group companies OH&S requirements. Situations which required the work to be stopped based on OH&S concerns. Based on the review of the above, the evaluation needs to record if the Contractor is to be retained. Specific comments related to the overall performance of the Contractor’s OH&S performance. AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

16 Risk Focused Pre-qualification Training & Communication
Contract Definition and Award Phase Auditing & Improvement Contract Execution and Control Phase Pre-commencement Phase Handover and Acceptance Phase Stipulates requirements validation and integration of contractor into operation Stipulates requirements for monitoring OHS compliance of contractor against set standards Sets requirements for analysis of contractors capacity and capability to do work to set standard Validates that acceptance standards have been met Stipules requirements for monitoring performance of contractor against set standards Set standards which contractor must meet before being considered Defines requirements for training, competency and authorization to undertake work AMBUJA CEMENTS LIMITED

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