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Hero Journey the life of Bruce Wayne

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1 Hero Journey the life of Bruce Wayne

2 The Call The Call The Call
The invitation or the opportunity to become the hero. The offer or happening that gives the character a chance to become a hero: Tragedy : In Bruce’s case, the loss of his parents is the factor that leads to him becoming the Dark Knight. Invitation : Although the death of his parents opened the door, in the film Batman Begins, Bruce is offered an invitation as well. Simple malcontent with situation : Many hero journeys begin with a character who is fed up with their situation and sets out to make a change, think about Mr. Incredible. Example in film: Bruce Wayne is invited by Ras Al Goul to leave his unfulfilling life, and join the league of shadows The Call

3 The Threshold The Threshold The Threshold
The point of decision. The first step to accepting the journey. The hero has crossed into the new realm, the journey has begun. In Batman, him leaving the prison and searching for Ras Al Ghoul is crossing the threshold. He crosses another threshold when he decides to become Batman and enter the Super Hero World. Example: Bruce Wayne has accepted the invitation, “the call”, and has now left his normal environment, entered his new world, and has begun his journey. The Threshold

4 Threshold Guardians Guardian Threshold Guardians
People or person that will prepare you for the journey. Their role is to not let you pass until you are ready. OR The person/character who pushes the hero out the door and forces them to realize their ability. Think of Gandalf urging Bilbo to accept his role as the burglar. Example in film: Ras Al Ghoul begins training Bruce Wayne and preparing him for a larger task, Gotham City. Guardian

5 Challenges / Temptations
The hero is beginning to become the person they were meant to be, or the person they will need to be to perform the task at hand. Challenges help them to prepare for the true test ahead. In The avengers, they don’t start off working great together and being an elite team. Little challenges prepare them and lead them to that moment. Example: Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. He needs to pass challenges before he can truly be brave enough or prepared enough to become Batman. First challenge, overcome childhood fear of bats. Challenges

6 Helper / Mentor Helper Helper / Mentor
The helper and mentor is there to come along side the hero and remind them of who they are, and the task at hand. They are often times a wise old man with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. They will help the hero in any way they can. They are loyal to the hero at all times. Example: Alfred has all of the traits of a helper and a mentor. Helper

7 The Abyss The Abyss The Abyss This is the GREATEST challenge.
Once the Abyss is overcome the hero is reborn and the transformation is complete. Usually the initiate must face the abyss alone and overcome his/her greatest fears. Here is where the initiate must "slay the dragon". The dragon often is the thing the hero most dreads and needs to overcome. The Abyss The Abyss

8 Transformation Complete
As a result of successfully meeting the challenge of the abyss, the hero is transformed. The transformation is the moment of death and rebirth. Often the transformation takes the form of a revelation, a discovery or insight about oneself or one's culture. This revelation involves a change in consciousness, a change in the way the hero(ine) views life. Example: Batman has risen from the ashes, overcome his fears of failing, of his past haunting him, and he rises as BATMAN. Transformation Complete

9 Atonement Atonement The achievement of the goal of the quest. It is what the person went on the journey to get. The Hero now has something to offer society as a result of their new way of thinking. In Batman, he is at peace with his new role in life, and accepts his gift of being able to provide justice for the people of Gotham. Example: Batman has become a symbol of justice, and Gotham city has its hero. Atonement

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