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2 Name the government that was overthrown by Napoleon’s coup d’ etat.
The Directory

3 What was the mandate of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy?
It mandated that the clergy were to be elected by the people

4 When was the Bourbon Monarchy restored to the throne in France
When was the Bourbon Monarchy restored to the throne in France? (not a date) When Louis XVIII ascended to the throne

5 What group of people had almost no rights under the Civil Code?

6 Who were the electors? Men who owned or rented property of a certain value and were thus qualified to vote for members of the legislative assemblies

7 What was the name given to the Cathedral of Notre Dame during the dechristianization?
Temple of Reason

8 What two countries threatened to use force to restore Louis XVI to power?
Austria and Prussia

9 Define taille. The chief tax in France that was paid mostly by the third estate

10 How did the Russians defeat Napoleon’s Grand Army?
By retreating hundreds of miles and burning their villages and countryside including Moscow

11 What was the most important legal code established by Napoleon?
The Civil Code

12 Who seized power from the Legislative Assembly?
The Paris Commune

13 What did the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen proclaim?
Equal rights for all men, but no political rights for women

14 Who defeated Napoleon in his final battle?
The Duke of Wellington

15 What were the three (3) major parts of Napoleon’s Grand Empire?
The French Empire, the dependent states, and the allied states

16 How did the National Convention try to create a new order that reflected its belief in reason?
It pursued a policy of dechristianization, going as far as to adopt a new calendar

17 Define the term sans-culottes and what did the name imply?
Without short breeches; ordinary patriots without fine clothes

18 Why was Louis XVI forced to accept the decrees of the National Assembly?
Because thousands of armed Parisian women descended on the palace and captured him and his family

19 What was the Tennis Court Oath?
A vow to continue to meet until they had produced a French constitution

20 According to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy how were bishops and priests elected and paid?
They were to be elected by the people and paid by the state

21 What broad powers were given to the Committee of Public Safety?
Defend France from threats

22 Name two major reasons for the collapse of Napoleon’s Grand Army.
The survival of Great Britain and the force of nationalism

23 Which of France’s estates was NOT exempt from the taille?
The Third Estate (commoners)

24 Who made the laws according to the Constitution of 1791?
The Legislative Assembly

25 Who was the leader of the Committee of Public Safety?
Maximilien Robespierre

26 How was a person promoted within Napoleon’s bureaucracy?
Based on ability only, not rank or birth

27 Where was Napoleon defeated by the Duke of Wellington?

28 Identify the bourgeoisie.
Middle class merchants, bankers, and industrialists

29 What was the Reign of Terror?
A time during the French Revolution when 40,000 people were killed

30 Identify the Directory.
A group of five men selected by the Council of Elders after the Reign of Terror

31 Who was the oldest enemy of the Revolution that Napoleon had to make peace with?
The Catholic Church

32 Define nationalism. The unique cultural identity of a people based on their common beliefs

33 What event began the French Revolution?
The storming of the Bastille

34 What was used by the revolutionaries to execute their opponents?
The Guillotine

35 What island was Napoleon exiled to in his final defeat?
St. Helena

36 End of Chapter 11 Review

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