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Halls Cough Drops 2002 Media Plan Jason Wallace Josh DeLozier.

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1 Halls Cough Drops 2002 Media Plan Jason Wallace Josh DeLozier

2 Overview of Contents

3 Situational Analysis Halls Cough Drops The target market is females ages 18-49, but also includes anyone affected by throat irritation. Advertising distribution is done through a national campaign utilizing network television channels, and magazines. Newspaper ads will be covered by Parade Magazine Competition includes Actifed, Benadryl, Celestial Seasonings, Sudafed, Ricola, Robitussin, Ludens, Sucrets, and Vicks.

4 Situational Analysis Cont. Halls Cough Drops in the past has advertised with network television, magazines, newspapers and radio spots.

5 Marketing Goals Last year, Pfizer (the parent company) spent $20 million in advertising for the brand. Since Halls is the market leader, the 2002 marketing goal is to increase total sales from the 1999 total of $153 million to $175 million by the end of the fiscal year.

6 Advertising Goals In order to accomplish the marketing goal of increasing sales, we plan to increase consumer usage by boosting visibility through an increased use of daytime television and extensive magazine coverage.

7 Media Objectives To target the message to women of the ages 18-49, and anyone affected by throat irritation. Since Hall’s is the market leader, a national campaign will produce the best results. The campaign will follow a seasonal pattern including fall and spring weather changes, return to school, and flu seasons – usually between September and April.

8 Media Objectives Cont. We have projected our highest month’s reach to be 85% and have a frequency of 8x. (This was accomplished in the month of August.) TOTAL BUDGET: $19,844,700

9 Media Strategies Extensive use of television is crucial for our audience because they are likely to be at home when they have an illness. Radio advertising is a cost effective way of sustaining coverage while television advertisements are not running. Magazine advertising is a more permanent medium, allows for detailed copy, color visuals, and also allows couponing. Newspaper advertising will be covered by “Parade Magazine”.

10 Media Strategies Cont. With magazine advertising, the customer will have the opportunity to have something tangible. Magazine advertising has the potential of making the message stay with the person longer.

11 Media Tactics All television advertisements will appear during seasonal changes and back to school time. A combination of Morning and Daytime television advertising will reach most of our audience. All magazine advertisements will appear as full-page, four- color w/bleed format. (except Parade magazine: half-page) All advertisements appearing in Parade Magazine will feature a coupon. Radio is acting as a reminder advertisement after the television flights.

12 Media Tactics Cont. Radio formats which best serve our target audience are Country, CHR, AC.

13 Exhibits *4-week period – August Television (Daytime) Reach = 69 400/69 = 5.8 Frequency = 5.8x GRP = 400 Television (Total) Unduplicated Reach = 85 500/85 = 5.9 Frequency = 5.9x GRP = 500 Television (Prime Time) Reach = 50 100/50 = 2 Frequency = 2.0x GRP = 100

14 Exhibits Cont. *Calculated for September. Therefore, these results will not be included in the total reach & frequency calculation for the specified 4-week period. Network Radio Reach = 52 450/52 = 8.7 Frequency = 8.7x GRP = 450

15 Exhibits Cont. *4-week period – August Magazines (one insertion each) Bride's10 GRPs Cosmo20 GRPs Mademoiselle8 GRPs People41 GRPs Time17 GRPs W. Watchers1 GRP Parade142 GRPs Total GRPs = 238 GRPs Percentage of Reach = 51% Frequency = 4.7x

16 Exhibits Cont.

17 TitleCirculation * readers per copy = total audience / universe = GRP Bride’s 475,013 * 11.57 = 5,495,900.41 / 56,300,000 = 9.76% Cosmo 2,592,887 * 4.26 = 11,045,699 / 56,300,000 = 19.62% Mademoiselle1,113,402 * 4.04 = 4,498,144 / 56,300,000 = 7.99% People3,525,250 * 6.5 = 22,914,125 / 56,300,000 = 40.70% Time4,073,887 * 2.29 = 9,329,201 / 56,300,000 = 16.57% W. Watchers125,000 * 5.05 = 631,250 / 56,300,000 = 1.12% Parade37,015,595 * 2.16 = 79,953,685 / 56,300,000 = 142%

18 Summary With the $20 million budget, we feel that with the media strategies and tactics chosen, Hall’s will see the aforementioned goal of increasing sales to $175 million. With a vast use of television in the early morning and daytime dayparts coupled with a colossal barrage of magazine advertisements, we feel that our target audience will be effectively reached. Our campaign was executed under the allotted $20 million budget by more than $150,000.

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