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Electronic Portfolios ePortfolio e-portfolio e-folio folio thinking.

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1 Electronic Portfolios ePortfolio e-portfolio e-folio folio thinking

2 Teaching Rhetorical Reflective Process/Product Progress Showcase ePortfolios Advisement

3 ePortfolios “Portfolios have long been used in some disciplines to organize and present work; to provide a context for discussion, review and feedback from instructors, mentors, colleagues and friends; and to demonstrate progress and accomplishments over time.”

4 ePortfolios “Job seeking tool: It is something tangible that you can show to a potential employer to prove what you are capable of.” DePauw University

5 ePortfolios “For those entering the job market, e- portfolios are a great supplement to the traditional résumé, providing evidence of achievements previously outlined only in print.” Virginia Tech

6 ePortfolios “Reflective tool: The process of creating an e-portfolio will enable you to more clearly define and understand your strengths and weakness and what you have learned through your experiences …” DePauw University

7 ePortfolios “A progress portfolio is used to demonstrate the development of knowledge and skills over time. The artifacts in the portfolio represent a range of experiences or instances and are typically organized to show improvement in performance.” University of Washington

8 ePortfolios “Faculty can provide feedback to students while facilitating and documenting peer critiques of essays and progress on projects.” Virginia Tech

9 ePortfolios “Evaluative tool: It will help you, as well as your supervisors, to see what you have been doing as a part of ITAP. This evidence of your accomplishments may be useful during your semester and end-of- year reviews. ” DePauw University

10 ePortfolios “In a higher ed context, portfolios emphasize growth and development over time.” Cornell University

11 ePortfolios “A reflective portfolio is used to document personal responses to artifacts or experiences. This type of portfolio may resemble a journal or scrapbook, though the items within it usually cohere in some way. An artist, for instance, might use such a portfolio to document the development of his or her individual style and influences on his or her work. Students could also use a reflective portfolio to make connections between course material and service learning experiences.” University of Washington

12 ePortfolios “The process/product portfolio is used to show stages in the development of one particular project. A writing portfolio, for instance, might include initial ideas for a piece, background research or short sketches, multiple rough drafts with comments and changes, and a final draft.” University of Washington

13 ePortfolios “Portfolios are used by students to demonstrate progress toward completion of course or program requirements. ” Cornell University

14 ePortfolios “A showcase portfolio is simply a portfolio used to "show off" one's best work; items are selected to represent one's highest level of achievement in regard to particular knowledge or skills. The traditional artist's portfolio is an example. Portfolios created for a job interview would also fall into this category. ” University of Washington

15 ePortfolios “The authentic evidence of learning outcomes … can enrich student advising as well as the program accreditation process.” Virginia Tech

16 ePortfolios “Teaching portfolios present a portrait of oneself as a teacher. They may present achievements as well as development or growth. These portfolios may include course syllabi, statement of one's teaching philosophy, assignments and examples of student work, course evaluations, etc.” University of Washington

17 ePortfolios “Portfolios are used … by faculty seeking tenure and promotion. ” Cornell University

18 ePortfolios “Students can reflect on their growth over time by reviewing the materials they have collected.” Virginia Tech

19 ePortfolios “The rhetorical portfolio is used to construct and justify a particular argument through the presentation of evidence. Such a portfolio might be used, for example, to defend an interpretation of a particular historical event, or to critique such an interpretation.” University of Washington

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