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Establishing New European Horizons and Signposts Landscape and Cultural Heritage Claske Vos.

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1 Establishing New European Horizons and Signposts Landscape and Cultural Heritage Claske Vos

2 CoE and the EU - two actors in the field CoEEU Economically sustainable and cohesive Union Legitimacy Cooperation Integration Cultural heritage as a means to make the citizen more central to the European Community Standardization Value of heritage for society Value of heritage to EU policy fields Europe without dividing lines ContractorFinancer

3 ThemeFrom (old concept) 1954 - 1970s To (new concept) 1970s - present Definition of heritage Role of heritage in society Decisions Professionals Significance Interpretation Responsibilities Management practices Monuments Buildings Sites National unity Generate revenue from visitors State Authoritarian Experts Single discipline (e.g. buildings archaeology) Historical knowledge Old Aesthetic National importance Mono-cultural Narrow range of values Expert led State led Heritage sector Designation Separate conservation Site based Technical research Landscapes Urban areas Historic environment/cultural heritage Respect for cultural diversity Wider economic benefits/ social benefits Region/ locality Democratisation/ participation Facilitators Multi-skilled professionals Management skills Industrial Heritage/ Post-war buildings Commemorative value Local Distinctiveness Values of different cultures Wide range of values Community led Communities/ the market/private sector Environmental sector Characterisation Integrated conservation More strategic Philosophical research Trends in Heritage Management Source: CoE 2001 CoE ‘Landscape as Heritage – Heritage as Landscape’

4 EU ‘Landscape as Heritage – Heritage as Landscape’ Cultural heritage enriches the individual lives of citizens, is a driving force for the cultural and creative sectors, and plays a role in creating and enhancing Europe's social capital. Moreover, it is an important resource for economic growth, employment opportunities and social cohesion, thanks to its potential for revitalising urban and rural areas alike and promoting sustainable tourism.

5 ‘Zones of awkward friction ’

6 Heritage, Landscape Regeneration and social revitalization of communities European cooperation and integration Integrated conservation/ rehabilitation Regional cooperation Reconciliation Cultural Diversity Etcetera … Social cohesion Quality of life

7 ‘I do not agree with the suggestions made by the Commission and the CoE that this project should contribute to vague matters like sustainable development, social cohesion and the quality of life of citizens. Do you know the story of the Potemkin villages? (...) Potemkin was a figure from Russia who had to show to his fellowmen that he had been successful. So he built a lot of villages to give the illusion that he fared well... I have the same feeling when we talk about these goals of the Commission and the CoE. They exist, but only to legitimate their actions in the form of words in documents. You can try to achieve these goals, but in the end it is primarily about holding on to an illusion. The same is the case when we talk about the so-called ‘integrative method to heritage management’ which is one of these buzzwords you hear all the time. It is quite empty, but it sounds pretty good. I am sometimes even offended by all of this. It means so little, but we have to use these kinds of concepts over and over again to prove our success.’ Archaeologist, Belgrade Serbia

8 European Regional National Local Assembling different interests

9 ‘the public, as a rule, is more sensitive to visible operations than to plans’ (…) the public takes most notice ‘during the actual implementation of projects in the field,...[when] decisions are made to build or carry out works, the often irreversible character of which will have an impact on the environment, whether on landscape, soil or biological diversity.’ Michel Prieur Festive Opening of the start of activities for the Eco-Museum in Senje, Serbia 2009.

10 New European Horizons and Signposts

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