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The Great Gatsby Chapter 5

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1 The Great Gatsby Chapter 5

2 Plot Development Nick tells Gatsby that he will invite Daisy over, but Gatsby is obviously nervous about it and tries to avoid it at first “Oh that’s alright,” he said carelessly. “I don’t want to put you through any trouble” Nick invites Daisy over and tells her not to bring Tom Daisy and Gatsby reunite, and Gatsby is nervous and awkward Gatsby believes he had made a mistake by meeting daisy again, but Nick talks to him and helps him out. Afterwards he is confident again. Gatsby takes Daisy and Nick to his house to show Daisy around and to try to impress her In Gatsby’s room, him and Daisy sit together and held hands The chapter ends with nick leaving the two of them alone in his room Gatsby and Daisy obviously have feelings for each other now

3 Symbolism Rain Green Light
The rain can be though to represent Gatsby's moods and overall outtake on the situation before him. as Daisy arrives and Gatsby is overcome by depression and anxiety, the sky pours down rain, as the two become reacquainted with one another and interact in a positive and friendly manner, the sky seems to clear up. Green Light represents his hopes and dreams, and the weather represents his feelings.

4 Theme Everything Is Not What It Seems
When planning the tea party at Nick’s house, Jay wants everything to be perfect. Jays embarrassed by Nick’s yard and sends over workers to make everything to his perfection, he also makes a big deal of his costume made T-shirts. Jay is constantly trying to impress Daisy throughout the chapter and trying to get things he can’t have: money, Daisy, the easy life of the wealthy, but all these things that Jay is striving for is not reality just a fantasy.

5 Character Development
Nick Was offered a "side job" from Gatsby but didn’t ask much about what the job was. Set up a tea party and invited Gatsby and Daisy“Don't bring Tom", I warned her. He wanted to set up Gatsby and Daisy

6 Character Development
 Gatsby Offered nick a "side job" that would make a lot of $ Went to nicks tea party and saw daisy and felt an awkward vibe Invited her and nick to his mansion to show her around his place They got talking and flirting

7 Character Development
Daisy Gets invited to Gatsby's tea party, was told not to bring tom Didn't know Gatsby would be there caught up with Gatsby... She went to Gatsby place and was impressed by all of his nice things She was left alone with Gatsby when Nick left She cant do anything about her feelings because she is married to tom

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