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Meet Troop 420 St. John Roman Catholic Church Carroll District Baltimore Area Council.

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1 Meet Troop 420 St. John Roman Catholic Church Carroll District Baltimore Area Council

2 History of Troop 420  Chartered for 43 continuous years – Actually older, but a break in the charter  Sponsored by St. John Catholic Church, Westminster, Md.  Previous Scoutmaster – Hank Reinhardt – 24 yrs  Currently 42 scouts – Various faiths – Various schools (St. John, private, public, home-schooled) – Ages 11-17

3 Mission Aims  Character Development – To build self-reliance, self- discipline, self-confidence and self- respect  Citizenship – To foster love of community, country and world, along with a commitment of service to others and an understanding of democratic principles.  Personal Fitness – To develop social, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness and physical health that will stay with a Scout for the rest of his life. It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to serve others by helping to instill values in young people, and in other ways to prepare them to make ethical choices over their lifetime in achieving their full potential. The values we strive to instill are found in the Boy Scout Oath and Law. Scouting is A Values Based Program

4 AIMS Are Delivered By Methods Ideals Patrols Outdoor Programs Adult Association Advancement Personal Growth Leadership Development Uniform

5 Cub/Boy Scout Differences  A Boy Scout Troop is NOT structured like a Cub Pack We give the boy’s the chance to try and learn things, and make mistakes in a safe environment

6 Cub/Boy Scout Differences  Boys have more responsibility – Planning, packing, setting up camp, cooking, activities – Scout is responsible for initiation of advancement – Parents cannot sign off on items they have completed. Adult Leaders (SM, ASM, or Troop Leaders (SPL, ASPL, Troop Guide, Patrol Leaders) are the only persons in the troop that that can sign off individual items in your handbook. “An invaluable step in character training is to put responsibility on the individual.” Robert Baden- Powell

7 They might not do it the way you would do it, but ‘is the job being done?’

8 Troop Leadership

9 Troop Committee  Jack Lusby, Chair  Al Schultz, Advancement  Parents of Scouts  Parents of former scouts

10 Adult Scout Leaders  Chris Joneckis, Scoutmaster  Joey Dell, Assn. Scoutmaster  Colin Sehr, Assn. Scoutmaster  Nick Wagman, Assn. Scoutmaster  Joe Worthy, Assn. Scoutmaster  Hank Reinhardt Scoutmaster Emeritus

11 Advancement  Integrate merit badges & rank advancement into troop program  Troop has merit badge counselors  22 Eagle Scouts since 2001

12 Advancement Principles  Personal growth is the prime consideration in the program  Learning by doing - EDGE Method  Each youth progresses at his own rate  A badge is recognition of what a young person is able to do, not just a reward for what he has done  Advancement encourages Scouting Ideals

13 New Scout Program  New Scouts form New Scout Patrol – Under direction of ASM and Troop Guide – Integrate into existing patrols for campouts  Parents Orientation  Requirements and orientation completed prior to scout camping -  Select summer camp with a New Scout Program  Integrate into troop patrols in about 10 months ~Second Class rank

14 Outdoors Outcome  Three Quarters of SCOUTING is OUTING  Improved Physical Fitness  Growth in ability to take care of themselves  A sense of communion with nature  Greater appreciation for the outdoors

15 Outdoors  Mixture of fun, educational, historic, & scouting skills trips  Troop 420 has a trip each month except December,  Some recent weekend trips: – Climbing, Shooting, Wilderness Survival, Dover AFB, Calvert Cliffs, Caving, Scouting Competitions, Skiing, Winter Cabin Camping, Backpacking, Hiking

16 Outdoors  June & August extended trips – June - (5 day) - canoeing, cycling, whitewater rafting – July - Summer Camp (7 day) – Scouts decide on summer camp – August - Regional (9 day) – Adirondacks, Northeast, Southern NC/SC, Canada

17 Outdoors  High Adventure trip each year to National Scout Base  Older scout trips – (14 yr & up) – Beach Jam – Fall 2012

18 Outdoors  Advancement happens at outings – We have time for advancement – Advancement is designed to be done outdoors  Adventure happens at outings – This is why the Scouts join a troop  Scouting happens at outings  Fun and companionship happens at outings

19 Trip Guidelines Scout methods and youth leadership SPL is in charge Mentored by SM, ASM and identified adults – Adult Troop Guides Parents cannot attend Adults can attend, but in a role other than a parent – an adult Separate camping areas when possible Adults formed into a patrol – lead by example Youth Protection and STAND Protection required Family camping trip, where parents are parents and camp as a family

20 Finance  Costs – Dues - $3 month – Troop trips - weekend trips – usually $20 – Other troop trips typically ($60-$220) with subsidy (see below)  Fundraising – Required fundraisers – Optional fundraisers – fund scout accounts – pay for higher cost trips (summer, ski, high adventure)  Troop Subsidy Program – Combination of service hours, required fundraising activities (e.g., spaghetti dinner, X-mas tree sales), attendance at camping and troop meeting – Subsidizes substantial portion of select troop trips Ski trip, summer trips including scout camp

21 Troop 420 Scoutmaster’s Goals 1.Emphasize Boy Lead Troop 2.Strengthen Patrol Method 3.Develop Scout Leadership

22 Leadership Development  Develop Scout Leadership & Positions of Responsibility  Training & Mentoring – Main Job of Scoutmaster, ASMs, & selected adults – Troop training after patrol elections – Carroll District ITLC trained - 8 scouts – Council NYLT trained – 1 scout  Troop 420 Scouts have served on Council and National Scout Camp Staffs

23 Parents Requirements  Complete the requirements – Youth Protection, STAND  Be a Good Role Model – Model the Scout Oath and Law in our own behavior  Support youth development – Let them continue skills at home – cooking – Get them to meetings & campouts – Please have scouts gather & pack their gear - oversee this activity if needed  Support youth leadership development  Volunteer in the Troop

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