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Boy Scout Advancement Presentation Boy Scouts Troop 758 January 25 th 2015.

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1 Boy Scout Advancement Presentation Boy Scouts Troop 758 January 25 th 2015

2 2 Why Advancement? Mission Statement The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The Aims of Scouting Character development Citizenship training Mental and physical fitness Advancement is one of the eight methods of Scouting used by Scout leaders to fulfill the aims of the BSA.

3 Advancement is… A method designated to help unit leadership carry out the aims and mission of the Boy Scouts of America Everything done to advance such as earn ranks, awards, & recognition. This is designed to educate or expand horizons of the scouts A means for personal growth by learning scouting skills as the primary goal of personal growth achieved through participation in the unit program Age-appropriate, surmountable hurdles that allow Scouts to learn about themselves and gain confidence

4 Four Steps of Advancement 4 Learn Test Review Recognize

5 A Scout Learns Scout learns by doing, he grows, and then teaches - Boy Scout Handbook The EDGE method is a four step teaching method: 5 Explain Demonstrate Guide Enable

6 Steps for Advancement Scout Spirit (Scout’s Attendance >85%) Complete BSA Rank Requirements (based on rank) Complete Service Project Requirement Complete Leadership Requirement Final Part: Participate in a Board of Review & Scoutmaster Conference

7 Boy Scout Advancement Cub Scouts program has automatic advancement to the next level yearly but not in the Boy Scout program Boys Scout program has rank advancement based on rank requirements, merit badges, leadership positions & level of participate at meetings, camps, events, & activities

8 Swimming Requirement First Class Rank: 9b. Successfully complete the BSA swimmer test. Take swimming classes because scouts need to know swimming before advancing to First Class Rank. Also, for April Canoe Camp, swimmers get to canoe. Non-swimmers sit in the middle of the canoe.

9 Camping MB Requirement Camping Merit Badge Requirement #9A A Scout needs to camp a total of at least 20 nights at designated Scout camps to fulfill this requirement. Examples: Summer Camp (6-nights)-need at least 2 Winter Camp (3 nights)-need at least 2 Weekend Camps (2 nights) High Adventure Camps (6-10 nights)

10 Boy Scout Advancement 11 years old: New Scout Joins the Troop Participation in Summer Camp, Winter Camp (earn merit badges & 9 camping nights) Weekend Camps (outdoor camping skills & rank requirements) 11.5 years old: Advance to Tenderfoot & Second Class Scout 12 years old: Advance to First Class Scout Goal: Earn First Class Rank in first 12-18 months of scouting Participation in second Summer Camp & second Winter Camp (earn merit badges & 9 more camping nights) Weekend Camps (outdoor skills & rank requirements)

11 Boy Scout Advancement (cont.) 13 years old: Star Rank Scout Optional Participation in Summer Camp & Winter Camp (if fewer than 21 merit badges) Weekend Camps (demonstrate leadership position) Attend NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) 14 years old: Life Rank Scout Participation in Weekend Camps, High Adventure Camps & Staff NYLT (if selected) 15-16 years old: Eagle Scout Junior Assistant Scoutmaster @ all camps Continue Participation in High Adventure Camps Scouts can earn Eagle Scout until 18 th birthday

12 12 Boy Scouts Merit Badge Program Scouts need a minimum of 21 merit badges for Eagle Scout including 13 Eagle Required MBs & 7 other merit badges. Where can scouts earn merit badges: Summer/Winter camp, National Scouting Museum, Troop/District Merit Badge Colleges, & Troop Meetings (if offered) Merit badge counselors be BSA registered. The buddy system must be used. A youth member must not meet one-on-one with an adult. Scout must have Scoutmaster Approval before starting any Merit Badges. Scoutmaster approves Merit Badges taken during summer & winter camps.

13 Troopmaster WEB

14 Troopmaster WEB login Sample Login: AmirR Default Password: scout Login is the Full first name + last name initial (with capital First & Last initials of name)

15 Troopmaster WEB Features.. TroopMaster (TM) Web will allow leaders, scouts, and parents to access scouts data from any internet connected system (including many handheld devices) without the need to install any software on the local machine. TM Web will also provide the most up-to-date advancement records. Access to check progress of scouts including recently completed merit badges (ie: summer or winter camps) Print several different reports including progress report, MB report, partial MB report & more.

16 Troopmaster Web Reports Login to Troopmaster Select Reports Select Awards/Advancement Individual Progress Report (explain in next slide) Partial Merit Badge List Individual Scouting History Merit Badge Matrix More…


18 In Summary, Advancement… Encourages Scouts to learn new skills and explore new subject areas Provides a tangible reward for hard work Helps build confidence Facilitates a Scout’s personal growth Provides a method to further the aims of Scouting


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