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Merit Badge Counselor Orientation. Welcome and Thanks! You are one of the many dedicated adults who support the Scouting program by sharing your knowledge,

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1 Merit Badge Counselor Orientation

2 Welcome and Thanks! You are one of the many dedicated adults who support the Scouting program by sharing your knowledge, experience, and interests with our youth membership! This orientation will help you understand your role as a Merit Badge Counselor, what is expected of you and the Scout, the guidelines you must follow, and the paperwork. Many of our youth members develop lifelong interests as a result of their experiences with the merit badge program! Let’s begin!

3 What is a Merit Badge? Simply put a merit badge is an Award presented to a Scout who completes the requirements for one of the merit badge subjects!

4 What is the Merit Badge Program? One part of the Boy Scout Advancement Plan which also includes requirements for earning the Scouting ranks. Merit Badge Counselors support Scoutmasters & Assistant Scoutmasters by maintaining consistency in the merit badge program and certifying that the Scout completed the requirements exactly as written. A unique program that exposes Scouts to a variety of career and interest areas.

5 Subject Matter Areas 100 + subjects are represented by individual merit badges. Some of these are: aquatics; vocational fields; craftwork; outdoor skills; cultural; self improvement; career fields; Americana; and more. The Eagle Scout Rank has a set of required merit badges that must be completed in order to earn the rank.

6 How to Sign-up? Pick merit badges that match your interests, knowledge and experience. Complete a Merit Badge Counselor Application (see the Forms section of Complete a BSA Adult Registration (even if you are already registered with a unit) (see the Forms section of Submit both to the Council Servicenter via your Troop, District, or the Council Office. You will be contacted by a District Dean of Merit Badge Counselors who will ask you about your qualifications and approve your application (or suggest otherwise).

7 More…How to Sign-up There is no limit to the number of MB’s you may counsel but 5 is a recommended limit. No exclusions – meaning you may counsel any Scout regardless of your relationship to that Scout. Suggestion: Take Youth Protection Training Online:, Instructor Led (see the council calendar). The Scoutmaster of the Troop is automatically signed up for: camping; cooking; hiking; and, backpacking.

8 Qualifications Requirements You must be at least 18 years of age. Demonstrate proficiency in the merit badge subject by vocation or hobby or skill or interests. Be able to work with Scout age boys. Be registered with the Boy Scouts of America.

9 What Do I Agree to Do? Follow the Merit Badge’s requirements exactly as stated with no additions or deletions (or substitutions). Be sure the Scout has a Buddy or other Adult present (Scout’s Parent, Counselor’s Spouse) as required by Youth Protection Guidelines. Renew your registration annually (if you plan to continue). Meet with the Scout one or more times.

10 More…What Do I agree to Do? Assist the Scout as he plans projects & activities. Coach the Scout. Certify when the Scout has met all of the requirements. Complete the Merit Badge Application (blue card). Keep the Counselor’s section. Give the other 2 sections to the Scout. Congratulate him on a job well done!

11 Keep Current Have your own copy of the pamphlet for each Merit Badge you counsel. Be familiar with the contents of the pamphlets. Keep up with pamphlet revisions: Refer to the “Boy Scouts Requirements” book for the current year. The inside back cover of any MB Pamphlet published in the current year lists the revision dates for all Merit Badges.

12 The Scout’s Responsibilities Obtain a Merit Badge Application (blue card) signed by his Scoutmaster. Contact you. Bring a Buddy, an Adult, or arrange for someone else to be present at all meetings with you. Meet the requirements exactly as stated. Submit the completed Merit Badge Application (blue card) to his Scoutmaster.

13 You Cannot Require More but you may Share your knowledge beyond the requirements, Or your job knowledge, Or career information, Or educational requirements, But None of this is required of the Scout! He does not have to show competence beyond the stated requirements!

14 Where Do You Meet? You may choose to meet at your Place of Work, or in your Home, or in the Field, at a Troop Location, in a School or, anywhere appropriate.

15 How Many Scouts at a Time? You may Teach or Instruct in Groups. But – you must certify requirements individually. A Scout cannot qualify simply by being a member of a group.

16 Partials What if a Scout has completed some requirements already and comes to me to “finish” the merit badge? This is sometimes called “completing a partial!” A “Partial” is a merit badge that is completed by more than one counselor. A “Partial” occurs for a variety of reasons depending upon where the merit badge was started: Summer camp Troop programs Merit Badge University Etc.

17 More…Partials Your role is to Satisfy yourself that all of the requirements have been met: You must determine if you will accept the work previously completed. Question the Scout about items which have been signed off by other counselors. It is not necessary for the Scout to show you completed projects or demonstrations which have been previously checked off but you must be satisfied that the requirements were completed “exactly as stated.” You may re-certify where you deem appropriate. A Scout is trustworthy, but he must convince you that he has mastered the subject matter.

18 More…Partials How long is a Partial good? The answer is quite simple: As long as the Scout is not yet 18 years old and can satisfy the counselor he is knowledgeable about the subject. There are no arbitrary time limits such as “2 years!”

19 Remember Welcome the Scout (and his buddy) and put them at ease. Carefully review the requirements with the Scout (have him read them to you?). Be sure he understands each requirement and what is required. Keep the session interesting and fun. Help him to acquire the knowledge or skill to complete the badge (he does the work). Congratulate him along the way and at the end.

20 Thank You! Enjoy your role and thank you for supporting Scouts as they grow and learn!

21 Questions? email: Or call 241-8560

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