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Parent Orientation Meeting

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1 Parent Orientation Meeting
Troop 146 Chantilly, VA Parent Orientation Meeting May 30, 2011

2 Mission of Boy Scouts of America
“To prepare young people to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.” Unlike any other activity you or your son can be involved in. Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

3 Agenda Opening Scouting Facts The Promise of Boy Scouting
BSA Organization Charter Organization Troop Organization Parent Role Advancement Recognition Communication Recruitment Service Projects Fundraising Training Programs Meetings Upcoming Events Future Trips How can we do all this? Troop Needs Questions Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

4 What’s It All About? – The Promise of Boy Scouting
Leadership Skills Self-Confidence Personal Competence A. Outdoor Skills B. Life Skills Citizenship and Contribution Moral and Ethical Development Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

5 How Scouting Delivers On Its Promise
It’s a boy led model Advancement Through Personal Initiative Early Ranks – skill & self development Later Ranks – leadership development Merit Badges – required and electives Room to Fail – Safe place to fail and learn Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

6 Scouting Facts Founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell –1908
Founded in the U.S. on Feb. 8, 1910 Chartered by Congress in 1916 Scouting Programs Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts, Varsity, Venturing Purpose of BSA Aims and Methods of Scouting Program Membership Youth – 2,900,000, Adults – 1,100,000 Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

7 Why Are We Here? For The Boys! Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

8 BSA Organization Troop Charter Org. District Local Council
Boys Troop Charter Org. District Local Council Regional / National Council Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

9 BSA Organization Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

10 Charter Organization Saint Timothy’s School
Troop’s Original Charter Organization Holds our Charter – “owners” of the Troop Charter Organization responsibilities: Meeting space Approval of adult leaders Guidance for Troop policies and activities Troop responsibilities: Service Project (Clean-up Day) Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

11 Troop Organization Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

12 How Can You Contribute to Troop 146’s Success
Committee Member – participate in Boards of Review and Committee Meetings Once A Month Assistant Scoutmaster – Work directly with boys on advancement items Adult volunteer for events, trips, and camp-outs Help with Courts of Honor Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

13 Troop Committee Committee meets once a month to determine troop direction and discuss issues to support the troop Boards Of Review – Committee Members meet with boys upon completion of their rank advancement requirements and Scoutmaster Conference to discuss their goals and opinions Final decision makers for the troop Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

14 Committee Members Chairman Secretary Treasurer Activities Chair *
Advancement Chair Chaplain Training Chair * Equipment Coordinator Recruitment Coordinator Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

15 Assistant Scoutmaster
BSA Training provides information and skills to be an ASM ASM’s work directly with boys on rank advancement requirements; help to train and monitor boys as trainers ASM’s are certified to sign off on requirements (as are committee members) Can help run meeting and camping trips in Scoutmaster’s absence Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

16 Advancement Scouting Ranks Boy Scout Tenderfoot Second Class
First Class Star Life Eagle Tenderfoot 2nd Class 1st Class Star Life Eagle Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

17 Advancement Rank Advancement:
Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class: Skills and Ability Demonstrations* (camping, first aid, etc.) Community & Service Hours Demonstrate Scout Oath in Daily Life Star, Life and Eagle: Merit Badge Completion (required and optional) Leadership Positions (the boys run the Troop!) Community & Service Projects / Eagle Project Scoutmaster Conference Board of Review All requirements clearly stated in scout handbook * Alternative requirements are available for Scouts with physical or mental disabilities Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

18 Advancement Merit Badges Require Scoutmaster approval before starting.
Require a counselor to lead and approve completion. Counselors should be knowledgeable in subject and must be approved by District. Troop maintains merit badge counselor list. District provides list of all merit badge counselors at least annually. Requirements can be completed at any time. Some merit badges classified as Eagle Required. Star, Life and Eagle ranks require a set number of Eagle Required merit badges as well as optional merit badges. Two-year cycle for presenting Eagle Required badges. Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

19 Advancement Scout Leadership Positions
Patrol Leaders can be of any rank ASPL, Quartermaster, Historian, Librarian, Scribe and Chaplain Aide should be First Class rank or above ASPL is good training for moving up to SPL role. SPL is required to be First Class and preferrably Star rank or above. Board of Review is held before each Court of Honor (or more often as required) Rank advancements and merit badges are presented at Court or Honor. Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

20 Recognition Courts of Honor Media Merit Awards Three to four a year
Special presentations or guest appearance Potluck, candles, ceremony, go all out! Media News, newspaper Web site Merit Awards May include one or more of patches and certificates for Model Scout, Uniform Inspections, Scout Sunday, Woodman badge, Emergency Preparedness Award, and others Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

21 Eagle Scout Recognition
Eagle Courts of Honor Scout to organize own Eagle Court of Honor Highlight for each Scout Name added to scout trailer and web site All Scouts parents, leaders, family, & friends invited to attend As of Feb., 2012 Troop 146 has produced 48 Eagle Scouts Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

22 Communication Web site –
…and – (requires sign in) s – Troop Notes sent out weekly There are mailing lists from Parent Meetings – All parents welcome! Troop Committee Troop Meetings and Court of Honors Ask your scout! Let him update you on events! If scout commits to event, follow through. Call if they can’t. Ask your Patrol Leader or Sr. Patrol Leader Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

23 Recruiting Reach out to 3 or 4 area Packs
Calendar planning includes events that Webelos are invited to Communicate early with Pack and Webelos leadership Help Packs when requested with their events Invite to regular Scout meetings Invite to annual January Lock In Sometimes another combined camp out Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

24 Service Projects Must have hours to advance
Assist Saint Timothy Church and School with projects Community needs Historic District Clean Up Ask Chamber of Commerce, city, and county BSA / Troop Planned Activities Scouting for Food (November), banquets, etc. Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

25 Fundraising 100% of all fundraising goes to Troop
Current ongoing fundraisers: This year the majority of funds are raised from company donations in honor of parents volunteer work (Mostly from Exxon) Current one-time fundraisers Council Popcorn Sale in Fall (Scout retains a portion in account for troop expenses) New Ideas Always looking for new ideas! Ideas presented to Troop Committee for discussion and approval Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

26 Training Scouts Committee / Parents
First camp out provided new scout orientation Troop Junior Leader Training Council level Junior Leader Training available Committee / Parents Youth Protection – every 2 years District Adult Leader training offered spring/fall Roundtable and District Meetings Wood Badge Virtus training required by Saint Timothy Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

27 Training Parents / Scouts Leaders Must be Trained 2-Deep Leadership
How to Protect You Children from Child Abuse First section in Scout Handbook Leaders Must be Trained Youth Protection Scouting Fundamentals 2-Deep Leadership Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

28 Programs Troop Meetings Monthly Activities Camporees / District Events
Camp Outs Service Projects and Day Events Monthly Activities Camporees / District Events Summer Camp High Adventure Camps Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

29 Meetings Every Wednesday, 7:15 – 9:00 pm Uniforms look good!
Except for the fourth Wednesday of each month (which is the PLC meeting), holidays, school breaks, or when St. Timothy School is closed. Uniforms look good! Organized by PLC Meeting Activities can included Merit badge work Preparing for campouts, trips, activities, etc. Board of Reviews Fun activities Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

30 Upcoming Events Isaac Walton League Campout & Shotgun shooting
Year Planning Meeting – TBD Court of Honor – June 13th Junior Leader Training -- TBD Ockanickon Summer Camp – July 29 to Aug 04 Sea Base Check out the Calendar at Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

31 Future Trips Alaska last Summer Northern Tier, Minnesota
RecentHigh Adventure Plans: Alaska last Summer Northern Tier, Minnesota Philmont, Cimarron, NM Future trip: Sea Base – next year Often two High Adventure trips / year Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

32 Scout Involvement!! Parent volunteers!! Friends of Scouting!!
Troop Needs Scout Involvement!! Parent volunteers!! Friends of Scouting!! Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

33 How Can We Do All Of This? It’s Easy!! Scout Involvement
Make if Fun! Make it a learning experience Parent Involvement Volunteer - Troop Committee Encouragement to scouts Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

34 Your Role As A Parent Put a priority on Scouting
Supporting & Encouraging Your Boy Monitoring His Progress Participation in Events Participation in Troop Structure Financial Support through Friends of Scouting Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

35 Questions / Answers Troop 146 – Chantilly, VA

36 Thank You for Your Participation!

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