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A Financial Look At Girl Scouts Ashley Lanning How Is Girl Scouting Financed? Financing for the Girl Scout program comes from many sources. We are well.

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2 A Financial Look At Girl Scouts Ashley Lanning

3 How Is Girl Scouting Financed? Financing for the Girl Scout program comes from many sources. We are well known for our wonderful cookie sale. The cookie sale helps girls learn sales and marketing skills while assisting with financing the Girl Scout program. The same is true of the nut product sale. Girl Scouting develops life skills and leadership while laughing and learning. It is our challenge to involve the community in assuming responsibility for funding this outstanding program so that every girl, everywhere has the opportunity to be a part of Girl Scouting. Our annual giving campaign is more than just a fundraiser. It is an opportunity for people – both in Girl Scouting and in the community – to take a stand and say “I support this organization, I applaud their good work and I appreciate what they do.”

4 Troop Financing Each member pays a $10.00 registration fee that goes directly to our national organization to help cover the cost of insurance and development of national program, resources and training. None of this fee remains in our Council. Troop dues, which are established by each troop, remain within the troop for the girls to use for planned activities. Earnings from product sales (cookies and nuts) supplement dues, as does additional money earning activities planned and carried out by each troop.

5 Council Financing The Council receives funding from many sources. Our purpose is to secure adequate funding from community and private sources to increase our ability to provide more program for more girls. We receive support/funding from United Way, grants, foundations, corporations and friends and the families of Girl Scouting. Funding is continually sought to provide programming and financial assistance for girls.

6 Friends of Girl Scouting Annual Campaign Each year a letter is sent to all friends of Girl Scouts Golden Valley Council. The letter encourages and reminds those on the mailing list to make their annual gift to support our Annual Giving. Gifts to the Annual Fund are used to off set the expenses of items such as financial assistance to eligible members, program supplies, training supplies and materials, as well as training sessions for adult volunteers.

7 Family Partnership Fund Trainers benefit because funds allow the expansion and continuation of all the training programs. Troop leaders benefit because funds allow training, supplies, materials, programs and support at all levels to continue to be available and expanded to meet future growth. Girls benefit because funds ensure a safe, fun-filled Girl Scout experience. This year’s registration form gives parents the option of making a donation. What is the Family Partnership? It is a partnership between Girl Scout families and Girl Scouts Golden Valley Council. Families of the girls have the opportunity to make an annual financial gift to support the overall Girl Scout program here at Golden Valley Council. Families donates because their gift helps ensure a strong Girl Scout program continues for their daughter and their daughter’s daughter.

8 Planned or Endowment Fund Gifts Your commitment will pave the way for millions of girls to walk in the footsteps of those girls Juliette Low gathered together in 1912. You will join a group of individuals whose love of Girl Scouting is like your; whose interest in the long-term vitality of the movement is strong; and who wish, as you do, that our girls will enjoy the fun, friendship and power of girls together for decades to come. Juliette Low sold her pearls in the early days of the Girl Scout Movement to pay rental fees for the national office. You are invited to ensure the future of Girl Scouting in Golden Valley through making a planned gift or a gift to the Council’s endowment fund today.

9 What is a planned gift? The Council welcomes an outright gift, and for some, such a gift of cash, securities or other property may be the best choice; however, different contributions have different financial concerns and an outright gift may not ensure the greatest tax benefit for every contributor. Planned charitable gift are made and recognized during the contributor’s lifetime and provide donors an opportunity to control who benefits from their estate. You may give cash, securities, real estate or other personal property in a variety of ways. You may take a planned gift and still receive all generated income during your lifetime. You may even make a contribution of property and retain its use for the rest of your life. Such planned gifts, if carefully thought through, can generate significant tax savings for you and your heirs. Always consult your financial advisor and/or tax advisor when considering a planned gift.

10 What is an endowment fund? An endowment fund is a permanent fund that is invested by the Council to generate income from interest. This income is used to support programs for girls in a variety of ways, such as financial assistance and property maintenance. Donations and other additions to the endowment fund are not spent on a regular basis; rather, the principal of the gift is preserved and invested to earn income to support the Council in future years.

11 What are other advantages to these types of giving? What are other advantages to these types of giving? Making a planned gift or a gift to the endowment fund establishes a lifelong relationship with the Council. In addition to this sense of belonging, other advantages to making this commitment include an opportunity to extend your values beyond your lifetime to future generations. You will ensure that a program important to you will be available to the next generation, therefore leaving behind a better world. Also, there are often attractive tax advantages to making a planned gift. Your accountant and/or attorney can advise you on these considerations.

12 Does your employer match gifts? Companies with matching gift programs can double the value of your donation to a charity. Before you make your next contribution, contact your employer’s personnel office and ask if the company offers a matching gift program that may include Girl Scouts Golden Valley Council.

13 Support Girl Scouting! For more than 90 years, Girl Scouting has offered girls in America a place to make friends, try something new, experience a “girls only” environment and figure out where their ideals lie in the context of the world. Girl Scouting has been inclusive, striving to leave out no girl, regardless of her race, religion, economic status or ability. Now, more than ever, Girl Scouts is committed to reaching every girl, everywhere. You can make an impact that will last a life time. Any gift, large or small is greatly appreciated and will help fund programs that help Every Girl, Everywhere grow up strong. You’ll be pleased to know that.88 cents of every dollar donated is returned to girl programs and training for adult volunteers.

14 Thank You! You can receive further information, by calling Girl Scouts Golden Valley Councils Fund Development Department at (559)291-5078 or 1-800-490-8653, ext. 15.

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