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National Youth Leadership Training With Bryan Wilson.

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1 National Youth Leadership Training With Bryan Wilson

2 Youth Leader Training 3 Part Process to Develop Youth Leaders 1 st the SM and SPL conduct an “Intro to Leadership” 2 nd is the NYLT conducted by the PPC 3 rd is an advanced application course at Philmont (NAYLE)

3 What is NYLT? NYLT is an exciting, action-packed program designed to provide Youth Leaders with skills and experience in leadership that they can use in their Home Troop, and their everyday life

4 NYLT Course Overview The Course focuses on: –W–What a leader must BE –W–What a leader must KNOW –W–What a leader must DO The Core Content is taught with a focus on HOW TO “The Quest for the Meaning of Leadership” IF YOU CAN SEE IT, YOU CAN BE IT!

5 Toolbox of Leadership Skills SMART Goals Planning and Problem-Solving Tool Assessment Tool—SSC EDGE™ Stages of Team Development EAR MaSeR ROPE VISION—GOALS—PLANNING

6 Typical Day Course represents a month in the life of a typical Scout Troop… –PLCs –Troop Meetings w/ Skill Instruction –Patrol Meetings –Planning for Big Troop event Outpost on Thursday Night

7 Typical Day Wake-up and cook breakfast Troop Assembly, “Core Content Sessions”, Patrol Meeting Lunch, PLC, Patrol Meeting, Reflection/ Evaluation, “Core Content Sessions” Troop Meeting, Outdoor activity, Dinner, and “Random Activity” –Campfires, Cracker Barrels, Patrol Games, Religious Services

8 “Core Content Sessions” Communicating Well (Parts I & II) Finding Your Vision (Parts I & II) Setting Your Goals Preparing Your Plans Developing Your Team Solving Problems The Leading EDGE™ The Teaching EDGE™ LEGO© Challenge Making Ethical Decisions Leading Yourself Valuing People Model Troop Meeting and PLC

9 Why NYLT? As Scout leaders you must go through training to be in your position (New Leader Essentials, Leader Specific, OLS). Why shouldn’t a scout have to also? Scouting is a boy-run organization, if you don’t give them the skills to run a scouting program it is unrealistic to believe they can.

10 What else does NYLT offer? A safe haven and a “special place” to enjoy the outdoors Examples of the patrol method and boy-led program Songs, skits, cheers, etc. to bring to home troop Chance to make lasting friends FUN!!!!!

11 How to sign up? Select suitable scouts through the PLC Give them an application to fill out Sign the SM approval area Have the scout mail it in with $245 before May 15 — ($295 after June 15) The scout will receive information in mail to confirm registration

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