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Bushrangers BY RICHARD CAO.

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1 Bushrangers BY RICHARD CAO

2 What is a bushranger? A bushranger is a convict who live by robbing travellers and diggers. They live in the bushes. That is where they get their name from. Many people believe that we should treat them as heroes.

3 What did bushranger do? Bushranger hid in the bushes and jump out when people are coming. They are bad people who rob others. Many people treat them as heroes. They even go in stores and rob shop keepers.

4 What did the bushrangers eat?
Bushrangers eat potatoes, meat, onion and flour. Some bushrangers even eat each other. They either hunt for food or steal food. Many bushrangers eat rabbits and any other animals.

5 Were any bushrangers involved in the Eureka Stockade?
The bushrangers weren't involved in the Eureka stockade because they were to busy committing crimes and hunting for food. Only some bushranger were involved in the Eureka Stockade.

6 Why do bushranger commit crimes?
Bushranger committed crimes because they don’t have enough money to feed their families and they can’t afford to buy things. Some bushrangers life starts as a father who steal food for his family to eat so he goes to jail and becomes a bushranger.

7 Where do bushrangers live?
Bushrangers lives in the bushes and when someone come they pop out off the bushes and steal people’s money. Some bushrangers live with their families in a cottage in the bushes. They go out to steal money or food.

8 How do bushrangers live?
Bushrangers lived by stealing food and hunting for food. They steal gold because they are bad people who has escaped from jail. Bushrangers even killed people who get in their way. Some bushrangers kill people that they rob so there will be no witness.

9 How do bushrangers rob people?
Bushrangers have many ways of robbing people. Some of the way they rob bushrangers are they hide in the bushes and jump out when someone comes and they tie them to a tree so that they can take the gold. They also got into store and hold a gun at the shop owner to steal food or supplies.

10 Are bushrangers bad people or good people?
Bushrangers are bad people because they kill people and steal from others. They are convicts who have escaped from jail. Bushrangers steal gold and they kill people with their weapons.

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