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PMO Services RFP Overview Patty Fontneau ED and CEO.

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1 PMO Services RFP Overview Patty Fontneau ED and CEO

2 Today’s Objective and Agenda Our primary objective today is to provide additional information to potential bidders for the PMO Services RFP to help ensure high quality responses. Our agenda today is: 1.Provide an overview of COHBE 2.Review the basics for the PMO RFP 3.Address key questions about the PMO RFP 4.Answer any remaining questions from participants

3 What is a Health Benefit Exchange? An online marketplace for individuals and small employers to: Compare information regarding cost and quality Shop features of plans containing the same base benefits Determine eligibility for tax credits (premium relief) Call or sit down with someone for help Enroll in a plan

4 Why Now? One in six Coloradans is uninsured and this population continues to grow Roughly half of uninsured Americans are small business owners, their families and employees Rising health care costs are unsustainable for businesses Improving healthcare system and lowering costs are key to business growth and Colorado’s competitiveness

5 Why a Colorado Exchange? To increase access, affordability, and choice for individuals and small employers purchasing health insurance in Colorado. To reflect the unique needs of our state, seek Colorado-specific solutions, and explore the maximum number of options available to the state of Colorado in meeting the goals of access, affordability and choice.

6 SB11-200: The Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Act of 2011 Passed in May 2011 SB 200 establishes the framework for the state Exchange Governed by a Board of Directors Legislative Implementation Review Committee

7 2012-2014 Exchange Timeline Create policies for finance, audit, and prevention of fraud Certify benefits and health plans Develop, implement and test web portal and customer service functions Implement Navigator program 2014 Coverage Begins 20122013 Test all systems Exchange launch (Oct. 2013)

8 PMO Services RFP: Key Timelines Submissions Due February 10 th at 3 pm. Top three vendors will be notified February 17 th Orals presentations for top three vendors will occur on 2/23 and 2/24. An award will be made by February 28 th. The first phase contract is for 6 months starting on March 1 st.

9 PMO Services RFP: The Basics As part of supporting implementation, the PMO will provide the following support services for the COHBE leadership team. (Section 2.2.2) –Robust, efficient, and effective processes to ensure high-quality implementation. –Build and manage operational performance metrics and service level agreements. –Manage communication specific to service implementation. –Support federal grant writing processes to ensure sufficient funding for the Exchange. –Provide risk analysis for key decisions. –Input and analysis of federal and state policies. –Provide infrastructure to support the governance of policy decisions. –Work with COHBE to identify critical stakeholders and build communication plans that leverage multiple channels. –Provide support to ensure consistent messaging in communications.

10 Referenced Requirements 1.The Contractor must show demonstrated experience providing similar PMO Services for three (3) private- or public-sector clients. Qualifications should showcase: Ability to facilitate and execute a strategic roadmap for a large-scale system implementation. Ability to implement and manage effective contract management capabilities through the lifecycle (evaluation, selection, and maintenance). Ability to implement an agile governance model that provides efficient yet highly effective controls. These qualifications must be referenced as COHBE will verify these qualifications.

11 Mandatory Requirements 1.The Contractor must be in operation for a minimum of three (3) years with a demonstrated focus on providing high-quality PMO services. 2.The Contractor must provide a PMO Lead who has experience in operating a PMO for a large-scale system implementation with specific expertise in managing contracted vendors and services. Large-scale is defined as a minimum of $15M budget. It is expected that the PMO Lead has at least 12 years of experience directly relevant to development and management of a PMO. 3.The Contractor must present at least one qualification in managing a large public sector project or system implementation. 4.The Contractor’s PMO Lead must be located full time in Denver, Colorado. COHBE hours of operation are Monday to Friday (8 am to 5pm MST).

12 Additional Recommendations 1.PMI certification is optional but is considered a valuable differentiator but actual demonstrated experience will be evaluated higher than any certification. 2.Expertise in federal and state healthcare policy is highly desired. 3.Relevant experience in managing the implementation of systems, including healthcare exchanges, enrollment and eligibility systems, MMIS, and other systems is highly desired. 4.The Contractor should have PMO infrastructural solutions for managing core functions. The Contractor will not only implement key management processes but also bring technology solutions to enable and automate these processes. 5.The Contractor should have depth in contractual management, including the necessary legal expertise in writing effective contracts. 6.The Contractor should have sufficient experience in communication planning and execution.

13 Additional Insight 1.Providing Evaluation Support. The PMO Contractor will be asked to support the RFP selection process for the Service and Technology. This will be an immediate need and will include supporting evaluation and contacting services. 2.COHBE Working Environment. The “start-up” environment requires a flexible approach – a cumbersome or formal PMO will not be ideal for this type of environment. 3.Working with Other COHBE staff. The PMO Contractor should have an approach to help the organization and other staff be successful. These may be FTE or contracted support. 4.Change Management. The PMO Contractor is not required to support organizational change management specific to the implementation of the exchange but should be able to provide advice/suggestions for the leadership team. Phase 2 may have a greater need for more change management functions. 5.Tools and Processes. The PMO Contractor should provide basic PM tools to perform key management functions. 6.Strategic Roadmap. Working with COHBE leadership, the PMO Contractor will help produce the roadmap for COHBE in a collaborative fashion.


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