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Provider Training Request for Proposal Spring 2000 Bureau of Contract Management Department of Human Services.

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1 Provider Training Request for Proposal Spring 2000 Bureau of Contract Management Department of Human Services

2 Purpose ŽBegins with a statement of intent. ŽDescribes the general purpose for the proposal. ŽProvider knows immediately whether he wants to undertake this service.

3 Submission of Proposal ŽClose-ended proposals always close on a Tuesday at 3 p.m. ŽThe RFP is required to be open at least 10 working days from the date the RFP is advertised in the newspaper. ŽThe State of Utah advertises in Monday’s legal section of the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News.

4 Amendments ŽAre accepted prior to the closing date and time. ŽAddendum’s or changes are NOT accepted after 3:00 p.m. of the closing date.  Open-ended RFP’s allow addendum as described in the RFP.

5 Contract Period ŽContracts are written for a total of 3 years.

6 Eligibility ŽDescribes the provider or organization that would be qualified to bid on the proposal.

7 Contact person ŽThey are available to answer questions during the time the RFP is open.

8 Receipt and Registration of Proposals ŽThe RFP closes at the front desk in the administration building. ŽThe names of all providers who bid on the service become public information. ŽFaxed RFP’s will not be accepted.

9 Evaluation of Proposal ŽDescription of the individuals who will be evaluating and scoring the proposals. ŽThe proposal will be evaluated on the stated evaluation criteria.

10 Award ŽThis gives the provider information on how the proposal will be evaluated. ŽNotifies the provider that Open ended contracts do NOT guarantee they will receive clients. ŽNotifies provider that he needs to request that the highlighted propriety data/trade secrets be protected.

11 The winning proposal will be open to public inspection for 90 days after the award of the contract.

12 Program Description This is a brief summary of the existing problem. ŽDescription of services required. ŽExplanation of why the service is needed. ŽDepartment Staff and Resources available. ŽObjectives of the Department ŽGeographic area

13 Description of Services ŽThis is a detailed description of the work and services to be performed by the provider.

14 Notice:  #8 Staffing Requirements: We have added the requirement to disclose all related parties!

15 Proposal Outline This list notifies the provider of what information we need in order to contract with him. ŽLegal address of the provider. ŽName of the person who is authorized to negotiate and sign the contract. ŽLocation of the Business office and Service Facilities. ŽCopies of incorporation, licenses, etc.

16 Technical Proposal ŽDescribes how we want the proposal to be organized. ŽHow many pages, the font, etc. ŽHow many attachments. ŽHow each proposal should be addressed and an explanation of how they plan to approach the task and the steps taken.

17 If the proposal requires specific information, make sure you include that information in the proposal.

18 Cost Proposal ŽClosed ended RFP’s require the Department’s Budget Sheet. ŽThey require the provider to give us the necessary financial information needed to review costs. ŽAllows us to compare expenditures with other providers.

19 Evaluation Criteria  The factors an agency uses to determine which of several competing proposals will best meet the needs of the Department.

20 Best & Final Offers ŽIf additional information is needed to make a decision, each acceptable or potentially acceptable proposal must be given the same opportunity to submit a Best & Final. ŽThis is not a new proposal - but a response to requested information.

21 Oral Presentations Held if the offeror’s proposal needs to be clarified. ŽThe same questions are asked of all qualified providers. ŽTime limits are equal for all providers.

22 For further information, contact: Rosalie Nance 538-4384 Purchasing Agent Bureau of Contract Management Beverly MacFarlane 538-4186 Contract Unit Manager

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