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World History Unit 3 Imperialism Chapters 11 & 12.

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1 World History Unit 3 Imperialism Chapters 11 & 12

2 What is Imperialism? Taking over another country Late 1800’s-1914 Africa India Southeast Asia Asia

3 Why Imperialism? God (Christianize) Glory (Nationalism) Technology (steamboat, guns, medicine) Racism (Social Darwinism) Industrialization (raw materials)

4 Forms of Imperialism FormDefinitionExample ColonyGoverned internally by a foreign power Somaliland ProtectorateHas its own internal government but under control of outside power Niger Sphere of InfluenceOutside power claims exclusive investment or trading rights Liberia Economic ImperialismIndependent but less developed country controlled by private business Hawaii

5 Imperial Management Methods IndirectDirect Local government officials used Limited self rule Goal: to develop future leaders Government based on European styles but local rules Foreign officials brought into rule No self rule Goal: assimilation Government based on only European styles Examples: Nigeria India Burma U.S. Pacific Islands Examples: Somaliland Vietnam German East Africa Angola

6 Legacy of Imperialism Negative – Lost land & independence – Disease=death – Famine (cash crops) – War – Culture collapsed – Tribal rivalry – New boundaries Positive – Reduced local warfare – Improved sanitation – Hospitals – Schools – Lifespan increase – Literacy increase – Economy increased – infrastructure

7 Africa

8 Explored coast Moved inward to Congo – Belgium – Dr. Livingstone All European Countries followed Liberia and Ethiopia free

9 Africa Berlin Conference South Africa – Zulus fight British – Boers farm – Diamonds & gold found – Boers fight British – British take South Africa

10 Muslim Lands Ottomans lose power Geopolitics-Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea Crimean War- Russia lost, Florence Nightingale Egypt-Suez Canal, British Persia-Iran, Afghanistan, economic imperialism

11 India Dutch East India Co. British East India Co. Sepoys Jewel in the Crown Sepoy Mutiny 1850 Direct control Raj-racism Nationalism-National Congress, Muslim League

12 Southeast Asia B/W Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Dutch East Indies British Malayan Peninsula French Indochina Siam independent-King Mongkut USA-Philippines, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico

13 China British Sphere of Influence Opium War Hong Kong Nationalism Reform 1906

14 Japan Meji Industrialization and modernization Attacks Korea Sino-Japanese War Russo-Japanese War

15 United States Monroe Doctrine Cuba declare independence Spanish American War Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico Panama Canal Roosevelt Corollary-International Police

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