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And their characteristics

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1 And their characteristics
Types of Animals And their characteristics

2 Mammals Have hair or fur Have lungs to breathe Babies are born alive
Drink milk from their mothers

3 Mammals

4 Amphibians Babies live in water Lay jelly like eggs
Moist skin covered in mucus Cold blooded Have gills as babies and lungs as adults Can live on land and in water

5 Life Cycle of a Frog Egg Tadpole Tadpole with Legs Froglet Adult

6 Amphibians

7 Reptiles Have scales Tough shells, leather-like
Don’t need to live in water Use lungs to breathe Some have claws Cold-blooded

8 Reptiles

9 Birds Have feathers Warm blooded Lay hard shelled eggs
Skeletons are hollow Have lungs to breath Have bills (beaks) Have tails Have wings Most can fly

10 Birds

11 The chick breaks through the shell with its egg tooth
The chick makes the hole bigger. The chick keeps turning in its shell until the shell is cracked all the way around. The chick pushes with its legs and body until it pushes itself out of the egg. The chick needs to rest for a while. It is hard work to hatch from an egg! When the chick dries, its down feathers become fluffy .

12 Fish Live in water Have gills to breathe Cold blooded Most lay eggs
Have scales Have fins Move their tails back and forth to swim

13 Fish


15 Insects Have three body parts Head Thorax Abdomen Have an exoskeleton
Lay eggs Have six legs Most have antennae Some have wings

16 Life Cycle of an Insect

17 Insects

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