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Roaring 20’s American life changed during 1920’s.

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1 Roaring 20’s American life changed during 1920’s

2 Rise of living standards More Jobs Better pay

3 Women in the 1920’s

4 Had more time outside of the home because of new labor saving devices – Washing Machine Telephones – StovesRadio Movies

5 Flappers

6 Women who rebelled by dressing and acting differently

7 Georgia O’Keefe

8 Painter of the Southwest

9 Temperance Movement

10 The campaign to outlaw the making and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Led to the 18 th Amendment. Strong connection with Women’s Suffrage Movement.

11 Prohibition

12 Law against the making or selling of alcoholic beverages

13 What did the 18 th Amendment do?

14 made manufacturing, transporting, and selling alcohol illegal

15 Bootleggers

16 People who transported or sold illegal alcohol during the Prohibition Era Al Capone

17 Speakeasies

18 Illegal saloons that sprang up across the United States following the passage of the 18 th Amendment

19 What is a result of Prohibition?

20 Growth of organized crime Al Capone

21 21 st Amendment

22 Ended Prohibition

23 Harlem Renaissance

24 A flowering of African American art, poetry, and writing during the 1920s, centered in the New York City neighborhood known as Harlem

25 Great Migration

26 Movement of African Americans from the South to the North in search of better jobs and less discrimination

27 Jacob Lawrence

28 Painter of the Great Migration Series

29 Jazz Age

30 The period in American history when African and European musical traditions blended, creating the unique American music known as jazz

31 F. Scott Fitzgerald

32 Wrote about the Jazz Age

33 Other People

34 Louis Armstrong “What a Wonderful World” – Bessie Smith “Backwater Blues” – Duke Ellington “Taking the ‘A’ Train” – Aaron Copland “Hoedown” –

35 What two Americans built & flew the first airplane?

36 The Wright Brothers

37 Langston Hughes

38 Poet of the 1920’s & 1930’s Langston Hughes “Weary Blues” wvC5s4n8

39 John Steinbeck

40 Wrote about migrant workers in California

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