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REMBRANDT 1606-1669.

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2 Who was Rembrandt ? Rembrandt was a famous Dutch painter. He was born July 15, 1606 in Leiden, Netherlands, to a father who was a miller and owned a windmill!

3 When Rembrandt was a young man,
he decided he wanted to be a painter! His parents weren’t very happy because they wanted him to be a preacher or a lawyer. After they saw that Rembrandt had a talent for painting and became well known, his parents accepted him as a painter. The Artist in his Studio, c. 1629 Rembrandt was getting many jobs to make paintings, so he decided to move to Amsterdam were he can continue his work. Not only did he continue to paint, but he also taught painting to his very own students! Rembrandt was only 22 years old!

4 This is how Rembrandt’s town house looks today!
Rembrandt created most of his artwork in this town house in Amsterdam. This is how Rembrandt’s town house looks today!

5 Rembrandt was a painter, a draftsman, and an etcher (carving images into copper with a needle!) Take a look a some of his self-portrait etchings: Young Rembrandt in Rembrandt in 1630 He must be surprised! Rembrandt etched himself as a beggar in 1627!

6 scratching or etching a needle into a copperplate.
This is what an etching studio looked like in the 1600’s, where Rembrandt would create his etchings. Look at the machines they used! Etching was done by scratching or etching a needle into a copperplate. Rembrandt liked to etch on different types of paper, such as European, Japanese and Chinese papers.

7 Here are a few of the portraits he painted
Rembrandt also LOVED to paint self-portraits. He painted more self portraits than any other famous artist! Here are a few of the portraits he painted throughout his years: Rembrandt painted this portrait in He was 23 years old! Rembrandt is 34 years old In this portrait! An older Rembrandt in 1658 at age 52!

8 As you can see, Rembrandt enjoyed
painting portraits of many people, including his family. Rembrandt was able to make money painting portraits because there were no cameras during those times! Rembrandt and his wife Saskia Rembrandt’s son, Titus

9 Rembrandt also painted portraits of his mother and father:
Rembrandt’s Mother as the Profetess Hannah, 1631 Bust of an Old Man in a Fur Cap, 1630

10 Rembrandt not only painted portraits but also landscapes,
religious themes, and historical events! The Ascension, 1636 The Stone Bridge, c. 1638

11 Rembrandt focused on using the elements of art such as light,
value and rich color in his paintings. The Feast of Balthazar, 1635

12 Rembrandt was especially known for the way he showed
light in his paintings. Rembrandt would use a “spotlight” effect when painting his subjects to make them stand out and look realistic. Saskia in Pompous Dress, 1634

13 Rembrandt would paint dark colored paintings and have beams
This technique Rembrandt used in his painting is called “chiaroscuro” which means “light-dark” in Italian. The Night Watch, 1642 One of Rembrand’ts famous paintings. This painting shows merchants and patrols out on the street at night. The subjects that Rembrandt painted were not happy with this painting. They felt that Rembrandt did not paint them to look important or show their patriotic spirit. Rembrandt would paint dark colored paintings and have beams of light shine only on the important subjects he wanted to focus on.

14 The Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild, was another famous painting that Rembrandt did in This was a portrait of important men who took care of all the cloth that was made in Amsterdam. This painting was well-known because it looked very realistic. Not many painters during Rembrandt’s time could make a painting look real and natural.

15 After his death on October 4,1669, Rembrandt
Rembrandt’s artwork was very popular and still is today! He has done over 600 paintings in his lifetime! After his death on October 4,1669, Rembrandt continues to be recognized as a master in painting all over the world!

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