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FRANCE Safer Internet France ( Three organizations committed in relaying the European Initiative The DUI - governmental.

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1 FRANCE Safer Internet France ( Three organizations committed in relaying the European Initiative The DUI - governmental partner Nation wide network of partners from the public, NGO and private sector. Striking results

2 Operational structure Hotline: Point de Contact Helpline: Net Ecoute 0800 200 000 Awareness actions: Internet Sans Crainte

3 Advisory Board 30 French Organizations: Ministries and public regulators Nationwide associations representing children and their parents Training organizations Industrial partners: ISPs, Content providers… Annual meetings Furthering partnerships

4 Hotline – Point de Contact (1/2) Operated by the French Internet Service Providers Association : AFA A mobile-friendly interface A Point de Contact software which can also be dowloaded directly on the computer.

5 Hotline – Point de Contact (2/2) Point de Contact scope: Child sexual abuse images Incitement to racial hatred Offensive content accessible to children Praise of war crimes or crimes against humanity Crimes and offenses against people Incitement to terrorism or bomb-making Incitement to suicide or violence

6 Helpline – Net Ecoute French national helpline (toll-free number) for any issue related to children safety online (Internet, mobile phones, video games) Operated by e-Enfance, a French NGO with recognized expertise on child protection online

7 Overview of the helpline 1/3 Net Ecoute offers 4 phone and online services: - FOR ALL: a toll-free number 0800 200 000 (anonymous, confidential and available from 9h to 19h on weekdays) -A website for CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE with many ways for contacting a counselor (email, one-to-one chat, skype, call back) -A website for PARENTS - A special entry (phone and mail address) for PROFESSIONALS

8 Overview of the helpline 2/3 4031 contacts in 2011 Half of the contacts: 12-14 y.o.

9 Overview of the helpline 3/3

10 Awareness- Internet Sans Crainte Operated by Tralalere Targets: parents, educators, young children, teenagers Critical media literacy approach Campaigns, resource productions, trainings…

11 Major achievements (hotline, 1/4) Statistics 2011: 7820 cases of offensive content reported by users; 1966 cases assessed as illegal under French law; 720 reports passed on to the French LEA; 93 cases of illegal content located in France notified to hosting providers and 100% removed; 290 CSA content reported to the competent partner hotline of the INHOPE network and 90% removed; Total: 576 cases of illegal content removed, of which 324 assessed as child pornography.

12 Major achievements (2/4) National co-operation: Daily co-operation with French ISPs French LOPPSI 2: article 4 relating to blocking of child pornography content AFNOR norm on parental control softwares AFA is a founding member of the Signal Spam association (spam reporting platform launched in 2007) and a member of AFNIC (management of domain names Partnership with PedaGoJeux on video games.

13 Major achievements (3/4) International co-operation: Daily co-operation with the INHOPE network Involvement in international works and initiatives: EuroISPA, CEOs coalition, Clean IT project, European Financial Coalition Octopus Conference – Cooperation against Cybercrime at the Council of Europe International Forum on Cybercrime – Lille Annual Conference in Warsaw EC events: Safer Internet Forum, Safer Internet Day.

14 Major achievements (4/4) Communication: Press releases on various subjects Contribution to reports (ONDRP, ONU…) Quiz Passe-ton-permis-web update Annual conference in May 2011 with the Consortium Towards a more responsible Internet: what tools for what challenges? New AFA leaflet New Point de Contact reporting software Online form of 5 questions about offensive content for teenagers in the framework of the SID 2012.

15 Helpline Major achievements 1/3 Support from French ministries, public authorities and regulatory bodies since its launch in Dec.2008 19 october 2011: Net Ecoute officially joined the French network of national hotlines and helplines Cooperation with French organisations of child protection and welfare, parental organisations, industry, etc.

16 Major achievements 2/3 The French Ministry of Education fight against school violence: partnership with e-Enfance NGO and Net Ecoute helpline 6 June 2011: Agreement with the Ministry of Education to prevent and treat cyberbullying in schools. Net Ecoute officially supports educators, students and their parents (dedicated channel on the helpline)

17 Major achievements 3/3 September 2011: A practical guide for educators to prevent and fight cyber-bullying 24 January 2012: the French Ministry of Education national campaign against bullying in schools

18 Major achievements (awareness, 1/3) Reference website Resource production Youth Panel: Consultation/ participation to resource creation & European initiatives In School workshops Training the children programme Training the trainers programme E-Learning platforms for educators

19 Major achievements (2/3) Pédagojeux initiative with the ministry of Family and the private sector > distribution chart TV campaigns with the support of National bodies: CSA, CNIL ( TV clip broadcasted 1050 times on 32 chanels (2010-11) National dissemination with our partners NGOs and private medias

20 Major achievements (3/3) SIDays: Huge success. 1200 / 1500 workshops /other events in 2011 / 2012 Positive content competition SIC visibility Over 12 million audience for the paper press 385,2 million audience on the Internet 1 millions visits on websites /year

21 Best practice (Consortium) A common website Presentation of the EC program Each partner of the Consortium (Awareness, hotline, helpline) has a dedicated rubric to present its activities; A common leaflet is also available Common events: SIF, SID, positive content competition, AFAs conference…

22 Best practice (1/2) One website, one mobile-friendly interface, one software to download Point de Contact form available in English Video clip explaining how to report a content in 4 steps: A page dedicated to Point de Contact origin, scope and procedures A page dedicated to child welfare

23 Best practice (2/2) A quiz for children and teenagers Point de Contact leaflet (homepage) AFAs leaflet (AFAs website) Point de Contact is on Facebook

24 Best practice 1/4 Benefit from Net Ecoute experience and make it available outside the helplines website: -Large FAQ (3.500questions/year) -Safety tips -One-to-one chat -Links to partners organizations -…

25 Best practice 2/4 7 February 2011: SID 2012 Launch of Net Ecoute Google extensionNet Ecoute Google extension

26 Best practice 3/4 Feb.2012: Net Ecoute Facebook app -Safety tips on FB -Direct chat with Net Ecoute -Links to partners organizations -Goodies to share on the wall

27 Best practice 4/4 YOUTUBE: Derrière la Porte (Behind the door…) helpline interactive movieinteractive movie Launched on SID 2011 (8th February 2011) 750.000 views

28 Best practice 4 websites created and regularly updated Two multimedia programmes created for 7-12 and 12-16 year old children. Vinz & Lou 2025 ex machina Mobile aps e-Learning platform for Trainers

29 Major Challenges -Today The current internet safety issues focus on matters of identity (social networks, private data), exposure (offensive content, illegal content) and harmful practices (cyber bullying, grooming, excessive use). French awareness is above European average. Yet, not every child, parent or teacher can cope with safety issues online.

30 Major challenges - Tomorrow Multiplication of screens: connected TVs and mobile devices (phones and tablets), video games consoles and other gateways. Children at risk: generally isolated in their relation with Internet, lacking mentorships and often raised in difficult familial or social contexts. Preschool children. Peer to peer education. France has a long way to go, but consensus on the fact that it is key. Teaching the best way to approach illegal or harmful content.

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