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Empires of the World/ Medieval Europe Regents Review #2.

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1 Empires of the World/ Medieval Europe Regents Review #2

2 Ancient Greece Located in the ______________. Many different islands situated in the _________________. Balkan Peninsula Mediterranean Sea

3 Main form of government: ________________ where citizens have a say in the government. However, citizenship was limited to males over the age of 25 who owned land. This form of government is found in _________________. Greek _____________ became the dominant architectural idea. This was used in the _________________, and influenced buildings in the West (Lincoln Memorial, White House, etc) Democracy Athens Pillars Parthenon

4 Greece was not __________________ due to the mountains in the area. There were many different ____________, but the two prominent ones were _______________ and ________________. Athens was the democracy and thrived on trade due to their location on the coast. Sparta was ___________________. They conquered land and fought against Athens. Athens and Sparta eventually beat each other up to the point where other city-states became powerful. One such city- state was Macedonia who was led by ___________________. Alexander conquered the Middle East and Egypt, uniting it under his rule. In doing so, he created ___________________ a blending of Persian, Greek, and Middle Eastern cultures. unified city-states Athens Sparta militaristic Alexander the Great Hellenistic Culture

5 The Roman Empire Rome was located on the _________________, and the peninsula is centrally located in the _________________. This allowed Rome to create an empire based around the sea and allowed them to control trade across Europe. Italian Peninsula Mediterranean Sea

6 There were two dominant forms of government in Rome. For the first half of its existence, Rome was a _________________. Here, citizens elect representatives to the ____________ to make decisions for them. For the second half, Rome was ruled under a ________________, led by the _________________. Rome created a large empire on the European continent and Northern Africa. In order to maintain control, they broke it into sections controlled by different men. In order to help unify these areas, the Roman’s built _______ which linked these areas. It allowed for trade to flourish across these areas, and allowed the government to put down rebellions in its provinces by quickly moving troops throughout. republic Senate dictatorship Caesars roads

7 Rome is also remembered for its _______________. Building upon the Greek pillars, the Romans used _______________, __________________, and ______________________ to help move water to their major cities. The best remembered Roman building is the ________________________, where Romans were entertained. architecture arches domes aqueducts Colosseum

8 Maurya Empire ______________ first empire, and last from about 325 BC to 200 AD. It’s greatest leader was ________________, who unified the empire. He built roads to help unite the empire. The Maurya helped establish India’s first _______________________, where they made advances in math and science. India’s Asoka math and science

9 Gupta Empire ________________ second empire, and lasted from 300 AD to 535 AD. It’s greatest leader was ____________________, who helped unify the empire. It also helped lead India into its greatest __________________, where advances were again made in _____________________. The Gupta were the ones who created the modern numeral system. India’s Chandra Gupta Golden Age math and science

10 The Han Dynasty _____________ first great empire. Most influential of the Chinese dynasties. They ruled using a _______________________________, where one authority runs the government. In order to unite the empire, the Han used a major __________________. To help maintain a centralized government and a highly structured society, the Han encouraged people to follow the ideas of _______________________. The Han are the first to trade along the __________________ to Europe and the Middle East. They developed ____________________ and were among the first to develop paper to use with books. China’s centralized government road system Confucius Silk Road gunpowder

11 Medieval Europe When Rome fell, Western Europe splintered apart. Groups of people stopped having contact with other groups. Europeans needed to form new ways of government. To compensate, _________________ developed, where a lord or monarch exchanged land for loyalty and military service. Men and women lived and worked on a ____________, a large plantation owned by their feudal lord. Here, everything anyone needed was grown and built. Essentially, manors were small towns. feudalism manor

12 Another result of the collapse of Rome is the development of the __________________. These are languages who’s root language is Latin, the language of the Roman Empire. These languages are Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, and Italian. Because Western Europe was not unified under one leader, a unifying power for Europe was the ___________________. The Church became the dominant power in Europe. If you did not belong to your local parish, you were ostracized from society. In order for a monarch to rule, he or she needed the support of the Church and Pope. Romance Languages Roman Catholic Church

13 One way the Church exhibited their power was through the ____________. These were sets of ______________ for approximately 200 years with the goal of retaking the Holy Land from the __________. Ultimately, these wars failed to retake the Holy Land, but did result in an increase in trade between Europe and _____________________. From this increase in trade, new ideas in _____________________ were reintroduced to Europe. However, the Church began losing power when the __________________ struck Europe in the 1340’s. As trade increased due to the Crusades, contact with other cultures increased. With this, the Plague arrived from China, and wiped out 1/3rd of Europe’s population. Crusades Holy Wars Muslims The Middle East math and science Black Plague

14 Another result of this renewal of trade was the _____________________. More and more goods are traded, not only between Europe and the Middle East, but also amongst townsfolk. ________________________________ resulted as different people specialized in different jobs. New ______________________ formed, and banking began. From this, ____________, and then _______________________ formed. Commercial Revolution Job Specialization businesses cities nation-states

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