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Chapter 27 Section 1 Physical Geography

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1 Chapter 27 Section 1 Physical Geography
Page 666 –

2 1.a. Identify What types of landforms cover Japan and the Korean Peninsula?
Japan - Rugged Mountains Korea – Rugged Mountains & Plains

3 1.b.Compare and Contrast How are the physical features of Japan and Korea similar? How are they different? Similar because they both have rugged mountain and different because Korea has more plains and rivers than Japan.

4 1.c. Predict How do you think natural disasters affect life in Japan and Korea?
EARTHQUAKES & TSUNAMIS they cause damage and kill people, so they plan carefully for them.

5 2.a. Describe What kind of climate is found in the northern parts of the region? What kind is found in the southern parts? Northern part = Humid Continental Southern part = Humid Subtropical

6 2.b. Draw Conclusion Why are fisheries important to Japan’s economy?
Fisheries are an important source of food and business.

7 3. Categorizing Japan Korea Landforms Climate Resources Rugged
Mountains Mountains & Plains Climate Humid Continental in the north Humid Subtropical in the south Resources Fisheries Coal, Iron, Hydroelectric power

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