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Scale and Proportion. Richard Roth, Untitled. 1983.

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1 Scale and Proportion

2 Richard Roth, Untitled. 1983

3 Glen Holland. Sweet and Sour 1998 Fra Filippo Lippi. Saint Lawrence Enthroned with Saints and Doners. 1440’s

4 Nicholas Hilliard. Self Portrait 1557 Limbourg Brothers. Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, from the Book of Hours. 1416

5 <rfs;;opm/ z,omh fumsdyu. ;syr 16tj ear;u17th century. Ivory, bone and horn. Kent Twitchell. Mural for L.A. Marathon. 1988- 1990. Hwy. I-405.

6 Nazca earth drawing. Spider. Abut 150’ long.

7 Per Arnoldi. Mural for Gajol Licorice. Denmark Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. Typewriter Eraser, scale x 1999.

8 Changes in scale within a design change the general effect.

9 Domenico Ghirlandaio. Last Supper. C. 1480 Emil Nolde. The Last Supper. 1909

10 Mark Fennessey. Insects IV. 1965-66

11 Gilbert Li. Social Insecurity. 2001. Design Firm: Up Inc. Edgar Degas. Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers. C. 1878

12 Rene Magritte. Personal Values. 1952. SURREALISM AND FANTASY

13 New York-New York Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada Charles Ray. Family Romance. 1993.

14 Leonardo Da Vinci. The Vetruvian Man.

15 Variations on the Da Vinci.

16 NOTIONS OF THE IDEAL Ancient Greek notion of the “golden rectangle”

17 Edouard Manet. The Fifer. 1866 George Inness. View of the Tiber near Perugia. 1872-74

18 Parthenon, Easst Façade, Athens. The golden triangle becomes a part of the geometry of the façade.

19 Modified 1932 Ford Street Rod. Thom Taylor, designer. Same proportions?

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