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Largest land mass on earth

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1 Largest land mass on earth
continent North America South America Asia Australia Africa Antarctica Europe

2 body of water with land on three sides smaller than a gulf
bay Chesapeake Bay Tampa Bay

3 Land that is completely surrounded by water
Island Hawaii Bahamas

4 Body of land with water on three sides
peninsula Florida Italy Greece

5 Series of river rapids or waterfalls
cataract Nile River Colorado River

6 Fertile land in the desert fed by an underground spring or well
Oasis Nile River, Egypt

7 Region that has little precipitation
desert Sahara Desert, N. Africa Sonoran Desert, SW USA Mexico Antarctica

8 vast body of salt water;
there are 5 ocean Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Arctic Ocean Indian Ocean Southern Ocean

9 part of an ocean with land on 3 sides
gulf Gulf of Mexico

10 where the edge of a large land mass meets a large body of water
coast Atlantic Coast (East Coast) Pacific Coast (West Coast) Gulf Coast

11 archipelago group of island Hawaii Bahamas Greek Isles Florida Keys

12 land with extremely high elevation compared to surrounding area
mountain Rocky Mountains Appalachian Mountains Mt. Everest, Himalayan Mts

13 layers of soil washed down from the river
delta Mississippi River Delta Nile River Delta

14 opening in the earth’s crust which lava erupts
volcano Mt. St Helens Mt. Vesuvius

15 where river empties into larger body of water
mouth of a river Nile River flows into Mediterranean Sea Mississippi River flows into Gulf of Mexico

16 narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water
strait Bering Strait Strait of Gibraltar

17 low area of land surrounded by higher land
valley Susquehanna Valley Indus Valley

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