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SW Asia Foundations of Modern Middle East Review Game.

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1 SW Asia Foundations of Modern Middle East Review Game

2 A movement whose goal was to establish a Jewish homeland in Israel and who held the belief that Jews deserved to return to a homeland in Zion where they had lived during Biblical times was called what? Zionism

3 What is the dominant religion in Southwest Asia? Islam

4 Which would best describe Zionism? Anti-Semitism, Jewish Nationalism, Arab Nationalism, or Jewish desire for expansion into Syria Jewish Nationalism

5 What happened to Israel the day after they declared independence? Arabs attacked & lost a lot of their own land, when the Israeli Army counter-attacked.

6 What is the most dominant ethnic group in Southwest Asia (Middle East)? Arabs

7 Who controlled Palestine after World War I? Britain

8 What organization created the new state of Israel ? The United Nations

9 Who decided what the boundaries of the new countries in the Middle East would be after the break up of the Ottoman Empire? League of Nations

10 What is the term given to the prejudice and hostility shown toward Jewish people? Anti-Semitism

11 What is the name of this country? Afghanistan

12 In 1990-91, the US sent troops to the Middle East to free which country, after it was attacked and captured by Iraq? Kuwait

13 Currently, the US is still fighting in what Middle Eastern country? Afghanistan

14 Who was responsible for the September 11 th attacks? Osama bin-Laden, Al Qaeda

15 What led to the end of the Ottoman Empire? The Ottomans fought with the losing side during WWI

16 Usually, countries with a high literacy rate also have a high_____________. Standard of Living

17 What is the name of this body of water? Suez Canal

18 What is the USA’s main economic interest in SW Asia/the Middle East? Oil

19 What is OPEC? An organization that monitors oil supply/demand in order to control the price of oil. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

20 The process of removing salt from water is known as what? desalinization desalination Both forms are acceptable.

21 What weather condition would be a consequence of a scarce water supply? drought

22 What does polytheism mean? The belief in more than one god.

23 The establishment of Israel led to the forced relocation of what group of people? The Palestinian Arabs

24 The USA invaded what country in response to the 9-11-01 attacks? Afghanistan

25 What is the Torah? The holy book of Judaism

26 What is the name of this country? Israel

27 Who was the “father” of Judaism? Abraham

28 What major factor keeps students from attending school in the Middle East? war

29 What is the name of this river? Tigris River

30 What country in the Middle East has the highest literacy rate? Israel

31 How did Arabs living in Palestine in 1948 feel about the creation of the new state of Israel? They rejected it and felt it was unfair to them.

32 What ethnic group’s predominant language is Arabic, and the majority follow the teachings of Islam. Arabs

33 Why did so many countries in the United Nations feel it was right to create Israel in 1948? Many felt the Jews deserved help due to their suffering during the Holocaust.

34 What is the name of this country? Iraq

35 What is the importance of oil to the Middle East? Oil makes the region strategically important, maintains the region’s economy, & gives SW Asian nations international influence and power.

36 What is the name of this body of water? Persian Gulf

37 Three of the world’s major religions began in Southwest Asia/ Middle East. Which of the three follows the strict teachings of the Torah? Judaism

38 What modern day country is the home to those who call themselves the Persians? Iran

39 What ethnic group is found in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria? Kurds

40 What issue led to the split between the Sunni and Shia in Islam? They disagreed over who should be their leader after the death of Muhammad.

41 What is the name of this country? Iran

42 What is the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group? An ethnic group is people who share cultural ideas & beliefs, where as a religious group is people who share a belief system in a god or gods (a religion).

43 What was the primary reason for US involvement in the 1 st Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm)? Iraq invaded & controlled Kuwait and all of their oil

44 A group of radical/extreme Muslims What is Al-Qaeda?

45 What religion believes in the Five Pillars of Faith? Five Pillars of Faith? Islam

46 What three things do most countries in SW Asia argue about? Religion, Land & Resources (i.e., water & oil)

47 What is your homework tonight? …And every night for that matter? STUDY…STUDY…STUDY & Then STUDY SOME MORE!!




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