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788.11J Presentation “Sensor Flock” Presented by Ahmed Saber.

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1 788.11J Presentation “Sensor Flock” Presented by Ahmed Saber

2 The Main Idea SensorFlock is a mobile system for networked micro-air vehicles or in short MAVs. This system is used for atmospherics sensing of toxic plume, storm dynamics. The paper talked about avionics, networking, the design of the MAV, the software used for autopilot, and the MAV launch system.

3 The Main Achievements What did this work accomplish? –The MAV is designed to achieve low energy consumption with providing a better coverage of monitored field for a relatively long period (about 90 minutes) that is sufficient for used application What are the contributions? This system gives a low cost solution for atmospheric sensing of various atmosphere phenomena like storms, tornados, and hurricanes.

4 The Challenges The design of the MAV had to be sufficiently lightweight. Autopilot software design to provide semi- autonomous flight Ability to make the propulsion, flight control, and wireless networking work together into one intergrated solution

5 Pictures Figure 1: SensorFlock for 3-D sensing of toxic plumes.

6 Pictures Figure 9: Multi-vehicle flocking. Vehicle are distributed with gradient field modifications.

7 Innovation The system incorporate a very disparate systems together with excellent efficiency which are the propulsion system, flight control, and WSN. Also the networking code was written to assure quick interaction between MAVs in order to provide more robust system in compact yet efficient way.

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