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Midterm Revision Lectures: Male & Female reproductive system

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1 Midterm Revision Lectures: Male & Female reproductive system
Female pelvis & perineum Midterm Revision

2 which one of the following is the male primary sex organ??
A. seminal vesicles  B. prostate gland C. testis  D. bulbourthral gland A, B ,D are accessory glands

3 Q- why is the left scrotum lower then the right?
-because the venous drainage of the left testis is more difficult due to: 1-it travels in a vertical angle(to join the left renal vein) 2-it is compressed by the sigmoid colon and it's content.

4 Which one of the following form the bulk of the testes (site of spermatogenesis)?
Tunica Vaginalis Tunica albugenia seminiferous tubules Rete testis It is the Site of merging of the Seminiferous tubules.

5 testicular*gonadal* artery is a branch of abdominal aorta at the level of??
B. L2 C. L3 D. L4 testicular artery at the level of L3 while the renal artery at the level of L2 Right testicular Vein drains into IVC. Left testicular Vein drains into Left Renal Vein.

6 Testis drains it’s lymph into?
Superficial inguinal lymph node Deep inguinal lymph node Lumbar (paraaortic) lymph node Testicular Lymphatics: in Lumbar (par aortic) nodes scrotum, penis, prepuce: Terminate in Superficial Inguinal nodes

7 the Efferent *motor* nerve of the cremasteric reflux is??
A. femoral branch of (GFN)  B. genital branch of (GFN) C. Ilioinguinal nerve D. illiohypogastric nerve Nerve involved: Genitofemoral nerve (GFN), ( L1,2) Sensory: femoral branch of (GFN) & Ilioinguinal N. Motor: genital branch of (GFN).

8 which one of the following parts of Reproductive Conducting Tract store spermatozoa up to 2 weeks for maturation?? A. Epididymis. B. Vas Deferens. C. Spermatic cord. Epididymis: Located on the posterior & superior margins of the testis. The Head receives efferent ductules from testis. The Tail is continuous with Vas Deferens

9 Which one of the following glands secrete the majority of the seminal fluid ?
Seminal vesicle. Prostate. Bulbourethral glands. 60% 30 – 20% 10%

10 Which one of the following structures is inferior to the prostate gland?
Anterior Superior Posterior Inferior Lateral Symphysis pubis Neck of urinary bladder Rectum Urogenital diaphragm Medial margins of levator ani muscles (levator prostate) Prostate gland supplied by inferior vesical artery

11 which one of the following lobes of the prostate gland is located between the urethra and ejaculatory ducts also  rich of glandular tissue?? A. anterior lobe B. posterior lobe C. lateral lobe D. median lobe  The Median & Lateral lobes are rich in glandular tissue. The Central zone in Urologists & Sonographers division is represented by the Middle lobe.

12 which one of the following copulatory organs of the penis has the penile urethra?
A. corpus spongiosum  B. corpora cavernosa 

13 Regarding the female reproductive organs, which one of the following statement is correct?
The ampulla is the most medial part of the uterine tube. The rectum is anterior to the vagina. The ovarian artery is a branch of the internal iliac artery of the pelvis. The uterine tube is enclosed in the broad ligament of the uterus.

14 Rectouterine (Douglas) pouch is …?
Reflection of peritoneum from uterus to upper surface of urinary bladder Extension of peritoneum from lateral wall of uterus to lateral wall of pelvis Reflection of peritoneum from rectum to upper part of posterior surface of vagina Uterovesical (vesicouterine) pouch Broad ligament of uterus

15 Which one of the following structures is related (or attached) to the lateral end of the ovary?
Fimbriae of uterine tube Ampulla of uterine tube Ligament of ovary Round ligament of uterus medial Ovary is attached to the back of the broad ligament by a peritoneal fold (mesovarium)

16 Which one of the following parts of uterus lies from the level of uterine tube to the level of the isthmus? Fundus Body Cervix above the level of uterine tubes below the level of the isthmus of the uterus

17 Which one of the following parts of uterine tube is the site of fertilization?
A. intramural  B. isthmus C. ampulla D. infundibulum opening into the uterine wall narrowest part widest part funnel-shaped end, has finger-like processes (fimbriae) It is enclosed in the broad ligament of uterus

18 Which one of the following structures is posterior  to the uterus(FUNDUS + BODY + SUPRAVAGINAL PART OF CERVIX)? A. Urinary bladder B. Uterine artery C. Sigmoid colon D. Ovary Anterior Lateral VAGINAL PART OF CERVIX: surrounded by vaginal fornices

19 Which one of the following structures is lateral to the vagina?
Urethra anal canal ureters ANTERIOR: Urinary bladder (in pelvis) & urethra (in perineum) POSTERIOR: Rectum (in pelvis) & anal canal (in perineum) LATERAL: ureters (in pelvis)

20 Which one of the following positions is the usual position of the uterus?
A. anteverted uterus  B. anteflexed uterus C.anteverted anteflexed uterus D. retroverted uterus 

21 Which one of the following structures maintains anteverted anteflexed position?
Round ligament of uterus Ligaments of cervix Levator ani muscles Downward dispalcement of uterus damage Ligaments of cervix (especially transverse cervical)

22 Which one of the following muscles lies in the posterior pelvic wall ?
Obturator internus Piriformis levator ani Coccygeus ANTERIOR PELVIC WALL POSTERIOR PELVIC WALL LATERAL PELVIC WALL INFERIOR PELVIC WALL(PELVIC FLOOR) posterior surfaces of the bodies of the pubic bones, the pubic rami, and the symphysis pubis. sacrum, coccyx, and piriformis Part of the hip bone below the pelvic inlet, Obturator internus Sacrotuberous& Sacrospinous ligaments levator ani and the coccygeus muscles

23 Which one of the following muscles form the pelvic diaphragm?
A. levatore ani + piriformis  B. obturator internus + piriformis C. obturator internus + coccygeus D. levatore ani + coccygeus

24 Which one of the following levatores ani fibers is important for maintaining fecal continence?
A. pubococcygeus (anterior fibers) B. puborectalis (intermediate fibers) C. iliococcygeus (posterior fibers) Pubococcygeus: (The levator prostate or sphincter vaginae) Supports the prostate or vagina stabilizes the perineal body.

25 Important Notes About The Arteries Of The Pelvis
Internal iliac artery: It is a terminal branch of the Common iliac artery. Arises in front of the sacroiliac joint Umbilical artery Gives the superior vesical artery The distal fibrous part of this artery becomes obliterated and forms the Medial Umbilical Ligament. Inferior Vesical artery: >Prostate and the Seminal Vesicles. It gives the artery to the Vas Deferens. Internal pudendal artery: It is the main arterial supply to the perineum. Vaginal artery: Replaces the inferior vesical artery(male). Uterine artery: Crosses the ureter superiorly and supplies the uterus & uterine tubes Ovarian artery: Arises from the abdominal aorta. Venous drainage of the pelvis : internal iliac vein

26 All the following are contents of Urogenital triangle EXCEPT?
A. urethra  B. vagina C. vulva D. anus 

27 all the following are contents of deep perineal pouch EXCEPT?
A. urethra  B. vagina C. crura of clitoris  D. sphincter urethae muscle Deep Perineal Pouch Superficial Perineal Pouch Urethra , vagina Sphincter urethrae muscle Deep transverse perineal muscles Internal pudendal vessels Dosal nerve of clitoris Bulbs of vestibule:Crura of clitoris. Superficial perineal muscles: Bulbospongiosus muscle, Ischiocavernosus muscle, Superficial transverse perineal muscles. Greater vestibular glands: Perineal branch of pudendal nerve

28 Which one of the following structures Forms the central point of the perineum ?
Perineal Body ischial tuberosities Anococcygeal Body Coccyx b/t vagina & anus b/t coccyx & anorectal canal Perineal Body located at midpoint of the line between the ischial tuberosities

29 Which one of the following structures is posterior to the anal canal
Perineal body Ischiorectal fossae Anococcygeal body. urogenital diaphragm Anterior Lateral Posterior

30 Which one of the following arteries supplies the upper half of anal canal?
Superior vesical artery Superior rectal artery Inferior rectal artery Inferior vesical artery Anal canal Arterial supply Venous drainage Lymphatic drainage Upper half Superior rectal artery Superior rectal vein Para-rectal nodes Lower half Inferior rectal a. Inferior rectal vein Superficial inguinal lymph nodes

31 GOOD LUCK Done by: Anjod AlMuhareb Revised by: Rheema Alfadhil

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