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Greece Achievements.

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1 Greece Achievements

2 NEW Objective: SWBAT describe the achievements of the Greeks and explain how those achievements impact us today Do Now: How did the mountains effect the development of Greece? ___________________________________________________ Activity: Jigsaw  Graphic orgnizer Assessment: Collection of Graphic Organizer Homework: The Olympic Games and Questions

3 Groups:

4 SKIP Objective: Do Now: Activity: Homework:
SWBAT describe the achievements of the Greeks Do Now: How did the mountains effect the development of Greece Activity: DBQ Homework: The Olympic Games and Questions

5 Achievements Drama: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Literature (writing): The Greeks are known for their great work in literature. Their literature is famous even today. Their drama can be broken up into parts plays, comedies, poems and Tragedies. Some of the famous works are: the Odyssey and Oedipus Rex

6 Olympics: The Greeks took games of all kinds very seriously, but especially physical athletic competition. The Greeks believed that their gods loved to see strong bodies. The Greeks were very competitive, so there were a lot of athletic competitions in Greece. The most famous of these is the Olympic Games, but there were other games held in other places as well. The Olympic Games are the same Olympic Games that we watch on TV every 4 years.

7 Sculptures and Architectures:
The Greeks are known for their realistic sculptures. Most sculptures were propionate and true to its size. They emphasize a more natural form of art. Sculptors carved gods, goddesses, athletes and famous men in a way that showed human beings in their most idealistic and graceful form. The Greeks built great buildings with columns. An example of their work is the Parthenon in Athens.

8 Mathematics: The Greeks did not like algebra, they wanted to prove things true, so they felt that geometry was the way to do math. Some famous Greek Mathematicians were Pythagoras, Euclid and Archimedes.

9 Democracy: The Greek city-state Athens developed the 1st democratic government where everyone votes. This is where the US gets its government from. Everyone has the power.

10 Religion: Many Greeks believed that everything was ruled by the different gods above, until these philosophers evolved. Gods/Goddesses : Role: Zeus King of the Gods Hera Wife of Zeus; goddess of marriage Poseidon God of the sea, earthquakes and horses Hestia Goddess of home and family Hades God of the underworld Athena Goddess of wisdom and crafts Aphrodite Goddess of love and beauty Ares God of war Apollo God of music and the arts

11 Objective: Do Now: Activity: . Assessment: Homework:
SWBAT list and describe one belief of each Greek Philosopher Do Now: What are 2 achievements of the Greeks ? _____________________________________ Activity: . Graphic organizer for Philosophers Assessment: Collection of graphic organizer Homework: Documents 1,2 and 3 in Ancient Greek Contributions DBQ

12 Philosophers: Philosophers or Thinkers-- someone who looks to understand why things are the way things are. They were determined to search for the truth no matter what These Greek thinkers did not believe that events were caused by the gods Greek philosophers believed through reason and observation, they could discover laws that governed why things were the way they were in the universe. This changed the way people think

13 Socrates: Socratic Method: Teaching by using question-and-answer format to lead students to understanding ideas or thoughts through reasoning Let students learn for themselves Socrates was put on trial, accused of corrupting the city’s youth and defying the gods Sentenced to death – drank a cup of Hemlock (poison)

14 Plato: Emphasized the importance of reason and rational (thought based on reason) thought Wrote The Republic - In this Plato described his vision of an ideal state (government) He argued the state(government) should regulate every aspect of its citizens lives

15 Aristotle: Studied all forms of government – favored rule by a single, strong and virtuous leader

16 Philosophers WHO?? KNOWN FOR WHAT??

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