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Priming the Pipeline with a real Return on Investment Stan Shoun, President Ranken Technical College.

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1 Priming the Pipeline with a real Return on Investment Stan Shoun, President Ranken Technical College

2 Established in 1908 by David Ranken, Jr Not-for-profit, private organization Accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Two & four year degrees, certificates and customized training 98% placement rate & 93% retention rate 92% of students receive financial aid; 66% receive Pell grants Three educational emphasis: –Technical Education –General Education –Work Ethic Industry partnerships : micro-enterprises, interns and co-ops Focus: Application and work-based learning leading to jobs/careers

3 Ranken Technical College The top 10 in-demand jobs predicted for 2010 and beyond didn’t exist in 2004 80%- 90% of the fastest-growing jobs will require an education beyond high school 49 of 50 highest paying occupations require a college degree or higher Over the past 10 years, jobs requiring science and engineering skills increased 51%

4 Ranken Technical College Source: Employment Policy Foundation analysis and projections of Census/BLS and BEA data Millions of People Expected Labor Force and Labor Force Demand Between 2010 and 2025, up to 95 million Baby Boomers will leave the U.S. workforce or change work focus Only 40 million Gen X’ers and Y’ers will be available to replace them The replacement workers lack the skills and competencies of the retirees.

5 Ranken Technical College Mexico Brazil India China South Australia Canada US Netherlands Spain France UK Russia Italy Japan Germany Korea 1970-2010 2010-2050 Decreasing Workforce Growth will Increase Global Competition for STEM workers Source: Deloitte Research/UN Population Division ( It’s 2008: “Do You Know Where Your Talent Is?” Why Acquisition and Retention Strategies Don’t Work, p.6 United States: 14 th in Reading 17 th in Science 25 th in Math

6 A National Crisis ? Source: US Department of Labor While over ninety percent of jobs will require education beyond high school IN THE NEXT DECADE of current workforce will not be college graduates of all workers will need retraining 75%

7 Student Debt Recent college grads owe more than $26,000 on average, and more than a third of them are working in jobs that don't require a college degree $1,000,000,000

8 Ranken Technical College Educational Continuum I N D U S T R Y Middle School High School 1 & 2 year Programs 4 Year Programs Lego Robotics Summer Academies Youth Teacher Dual Enrollment Skills USA Shearwater Charter TRIO mentoring Advanced Summer Academies Microenterprises Certifications Certificates Apprenticeships AAS Degrees  Work Ethic  Technical Education  General Education Bachelor’s Degree  Credit for work based learning  Credit for apprenticeship  Credit for industrial training  100% transfer of technical degree programs 93 % completion 98 % placement

9 Pedagogy “….to prepare students for employment and advancement…..” Co-ops/Internships/Apprenticeships Work-based learning  RCDC  Line shop  Collision repair Microenterprises  JM&A  BioMerieux  Kemco Aerospace  Hunter Engineering  McCarthy Construction  Ehrhardt Tool & Machine  Triad Manufacturing  Can-Am Cars Ltd

10 Definition micro enterprise – An integrated workbased experience at Ranken which provides the students with work experience, industrial training, college credit and/or part time salary. Beyond the application of fundamental technology skills, more senior students will participate in the operation of the work cell including areas of logistics, human resources, finance, and quality assurance. Any additional revenue generate by the partnerships, beyond operating cost, would be directed to an equipment trust fund (ETF) and/or scholarships benefiting the students of the division directly participating. Characteristics of participating programs include: integrated – workbased learning which has been fully incorporated into course curriculum (example: RCDC) parallel – work based learning not directly integrated into a curriculum but still provides complementary skills (example: bioMerieux)

11 Organization Goal: To have between 150-200 Ranken students engaged in microenterprises !

12 Microenterprises (Integrated) RCDC (CRP) Collision Repair (ACR) Line Shop (AMT)

13 Microenterprises (Parallel) B bioMerieux is a multi- national biotechnology company. A world leader in providing reagents, instruments and software for vitro diagnostics. JM&A Group is one of the largest providers of Financial and Insurance (F&I) products in the automotive industry. One of it’s four service related companies is Fidelity Warranty Service, Inc.

14 Microenterprises Hunter Engineering Company designs, manufactures and sells car and truck services equipment. The company is an industry leader in mechanical, electrical and software design for undercar service equipment. Kemco is a diversified solutions provider for the aerospace and defense industry. provide precision machined parts, sheet metal fabrication, complex assemblies, kittings, and engineering support services to their customers.

15 Microenterprises For over forty years Cam- Am Cars has provided renovations and parts supply for vintage race cars. They maintain a large inventory of hard to find finds parts as well as a showroom of completely restored high performance racers. Building for over 150 years in 45 states, McCarthy is one of America’s oldest construction firms. With over 2600 employees, McCarthy is an industry leader in constructing for buildings serving healthcare, education commercial and government organizations.

16 Win- Win- Win ! Students –Actual industry experience –Industry relevant training –Resume builder –Industry networking –Relevant part time position –Leadership training Industry –Cost efficient products –Industry trained cadre of potential employees –Trial employment period before hiring Ranken –Direct industry partnership involvement –Training for instructors –Equipment –Revenue generator –Scholarship funds

17 Questions ???

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