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The Progressive Movement

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1 The Progressive Movement

2 1890-1917 known as the progressive movement,
large campaign for social, economic, and political reform. Goal- Easing the suffering of the urban poor, Improving working conditions, & reforming government Focused primarily on urban problems

3 Progressives Areas of Reform
Reform Society - Housing, Civil Rights (NAACP & ADL) Reform the Workplace - Labor laws (10 hour work days), Unions 3. Reform Government - corrupt politicians and practices (Political Machines)

4 If you could change one thing about America, what would it be and why?
Pair Share If you could change one thing about America, what would it be and why?

5 ________________ _______________ Political machine Immigrants

6 Fighting for Civil Rights
Progressives fought prejudice in society by forming various reform groups. NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Formed in 1909 by a multiracial group of activists to fight for the rights of African Americans 1913: Protested the official introduction of segregation in federal government 1915: Protested the D. W. Griffith film Birth of a Nation because of hostile African American stereotypes, which led to the film’s banning in eight states ADL Anti-Defamation League Formed by Sigmund Livingston, a Jewish man in Chicago, in 1913 Fought anti-Semitism, or prejudice against Jews, which was common in America Fought to stop negative stereotypes of Jews in media The publisher of the New York Times was a member and helped stop negative references to Jews

7 Populism vs. Progressivism
Populism- a rural movement based on unfair business practices (Farmers) Progressivism- urban movement based on the conditions of the workers, sanitation, and political machines

8 The Progressives The progressives were native born, middle or upper class, and well educated Attracted to Men and Women Doctors Small Business owners Teachers

9 Progressive Issues A dangerous Workplace A major concern was how corporate America did business In 1910, 70% of all Americans worked an average of 54 hours/week As a result, American workers had a higher accident rate than any other country







16 These conditions led Progressives to demand
limits on corporate powers Promoted laws to prohibit monopolies Called for an 8 hour work day Minimum wage Safer working conditions Laws to stop child labor

17 Pair Share Discuss poor working conditions in factories during the IR. Create an illustration depicting your thoughts.

18 The Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire
In 1911, a gruesome disaster in New York inspired progressives to fight for safety in the workplace. About 500 women worked for the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, a high-rise building sweatshop that made women’s blouses. Just as they were ending their six-day workweek, a small fire broke out, which quickly spread to three floors. Escape was nearly impossible, as doors were locked to prevent theft, the flimsy fire escape broke under pressure, and the fire was too high for fire truck ladders to reach. More than 140 women and men died in the fire, marking a turning point for labor and reform movements. With the efforts of Union organizer Rose Schneiderman and others, New York State passed the toughest fire-safety laws in the nation, as well as factory inspection and sanitation laws. New York laws became a model for workplace safety nationwide.

19 The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire--Video

20 Election Reforms Progressives wanted fairer elections and to make politicians more accountable to voters. Proposed a direct primary, or an… Backed the Seventeenth Amendment, which … Some measures Progressives fought for include Direct primary: 17th Amendment: secret ballot: initiative: referendum: recall:


22 Inspiration for Reform
Progressive Journalist were responsible for spreading the reform McClure’s Magazine Muckraking Journalism- Focused only on events which they saw as corrupt & harmful

23 Ida Tarbell: “History of the Standard Oil Company”
-wrote articles to criticize Rockefeller. Muckraker Exposed unfair business Practices and corrupt politicians


25 Standard Oil Co. Pair Share—Analyze this Political Cartoon

26 Pair Share—Analyze this Political Cartoon


28 Jacob Riis



31 Pair Share—Analyze this Political Cartoon

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