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Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

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1 Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT


3 Bread and butter plate Butter spreader Dessert Fork Dessert or Coffee Spoon Dinner Fork Dinner Knife Napkin Place Plate/Charger Salad Fork Salad Knife Soup Spoon Water Goblet Wine Glass 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Can you match the right items with their function?

4  If a piece of silverware drops, leave it and ask for a replacement from your server.  Silverware should not touch the tablecloth once used.  Place knife at the top of the dinner plate, facing in, after use.  When you are finished, place your knife and fork in the center of your plate.

5  Once seated place the napkin, unfolded, on your lap and leave it there until you are finished.  Once you are finished place the napkin folded loosely to the left of your plate.

6  A napkin is used to dab the corners of you mouth.  If you need to leave the table during the meal, place the napkin on the chair and slide the chair under the table.

7  Sit straight and try not to lean on the table.  Keep your elbows off the table and close to the body when you are eating.  However, when you stop to talk, it is okay to rest your elbows on the table and lean forward.

8  Wait until everyone is seated before eating.  When dining with others, everyone should start and finish at the same time. If you are a fast eater try to pace yourself. You could make the others feel uncomfortable if you finish before they do.  When you are finished eating do not push your plate away from you.

9  Take small bites, keep your mouth closed and finish chewing before continuing your conversation.  Try not to gulp your food, it isn't very attractive.  Do not blow on food that is hot. Wait until it cools or eat from the side of the bowl, when having soup.

10  Bread and rolls should be broken with your fingers, in small pieces and buttered one piece at a time.  Cut several pieces of meat(or main course) at a time.  Use your knife to cut lettuce if needed.

11  Swallow the food in your mouth before taking a sip of a beverage.  Drink carefully; avoid slurping or gulping.  Your knife and fork should not bridge the plate,  The knife should not be placed between the tines of the fork 3.02DManners and Etiquette 11

12  When pausing during the meal, cross your knife and fork on the center of the dinner plate  When finished place the knife and fork (tines down) in the five o’clock position.  Leave your plate where it is, do not push it away, stack it, or pass it to others to stack 3.02DManners and Etiquette 12

13  Silverware should be at the 5:00 position with the tines down to indicate you have finished  Leave your loosely folded napkin at the left of the plate.  Remain seated until all have finished.  Host will indicate the meal is over and can leave the table.  Help clear the table at informal meals. 3.02DManners and Etiquette 13


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