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1 How- To Writing


3 STEP 1 : CHOOSING A TOPIC Think about something that you like to make. It can be a craft, a favorite food, or something that you like to do in a favorite sport. Write it on your brainstorming paper. Examples:  How to make an ice cream sundae  How to throw a perfect touchdown pass  How to make chocolate chip cookies  How to beat a level of a video game  How to make jewelry

4 STEP 2: LIST SUPPLIES AND INGREDIENTS What do you need to do your activity correctly? Think of all the supplies and ingredients you need. List it on your brainstorming paper. Example: To make chocolate chip cookies, I need flour, sugar, brown sugar, salt, baking soda, butter, vanilla, eggs, and chocolate chips. I also need a bowl, spoon, cookie tray, measuring cup, and an oven.

5 STEP 3: WRITE THE STEPS TO DO THE ACTIVITY. Imagine yourself doing this task. Make a mind movie and visualize each thing that you do while doing your activity. Write the steps down on brainstorming paper. Example: MMM, I’m making cookies! First, I need to get my ingredients and supplies. Now I will measure my flour and put it in the bowl. Then I will measure the sugar and mix it with the flour. … (Keep going!)

6 STEP 4: WRITE AN INTRODUCTION Now, you’re ready to write your paper. Every good piece of writing has an introduction. In your first paragraph, tell what activity you will be explaining and why you chose this activity. You may want to suggest who might enjoy the activity and give reasons why people should try it.

7 STEP 5: WHAT YOU’LL NEED Paragraph 2 will discuss the supplies and ingredients needed. Use the list you made during brainstorming and create sentences. Example: What do you need to make amazing cookies? Well, you’ll definitely need a large mixing bowl, a spoon for mixing, two cookie trays, and of course, an oven! Once you get out your supplies, you’ll need to get your baking ingredients. (Continue writing)

8 STEP 6: EXPLANATION Paragraph 3 explains exactly how to do whatever it is you are teaching. Here, be sure to use details and explain completely how to do each step. Example: To make cookies, first pour flour carefully into a large mixing bowl. After, measure the salt in a measuring spoon and mix it into the white powdery flour.

9 STEP 6: EXPLAIN YOUR INSTRUCTIONS For paragraph 3, you want to explain the steps you wrote down during brainstorming. Put them into complete sentences using sequence words and detailed descriptions of what the person should do. Example: Now, you’re ready to bake some amazing cookies! First, use your measuring cup to scoop 1 cup of white flour. Pour the flour carefully into your large mixing bowl. Credits: Thanks to The 3AM Teacher for the great frames!

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