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Why did Civil War break out in Rome?

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1 Why did Civil War break out in Rome?
Difference started to grow larger between the rich and the poor. Some reformers attempted to give land to the poor, but the wealthy Romans in the Senate were threatened by that, and had the reformers killed. As this was happening, Roman generals who were conquering land were becoming power hungry. As armies grew, people’s loyalty shifted from the Republic to the generals. Civil war finally breaks out between a general named Sulla, who was backed by the Patricians, and a general named Marius, who was backed by the Plebeians. Sulla was victorious and became a dictator.

2 Describe how Julius Caesar won fame and fortune.
Caesar was one of Rome’s great generals. His military campaigns gained land in Gaul and brought more wealth to Rome. These victories brought with it the fame and fortune.

3 Describe why Caesar was popular with the plebeians.
Caesar used politics to help make reforms for the common people of Rome. Along with that, Caesar’s military fame led to his popularity. Roman people loved successful generals that brought glory to Rome.

4 Who was Cicero and why did he distrust Caesar?
Cicero was a patrician Senator, and was known as one of the greatest speakers in Roman history. He was a strong supporter of the republic and believed that Caesar had a great desire for power.

5 Describe some of the reforms made by Caesar while dictator of Rome.
Caesar expanded the Senate. He created jobs for the poor and enforced laws against crimes.

6 Why do you think Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C.?
Answers will vary. In 44 B.C. a group of Roman senators led a conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. All who were involved were eventually killed or killed themselves. Most people believe the senators responsible killed Caesar because of how powerful he was, and because that power was not representative of the ideals established by the Roman Republic.

7 Who was Octavian and what name did he eventually take?
Octavian was the nephew, and adopted son of Julius Caesar. After another Roman Civil War, Octavian became the unchallenged ruler of Rome. He took the name Augustus, which means “exalted one”. He was Rome’s first emperor in 27 B.C.

8 Describe some of the things that Augustus did during his time as the first emperor of Rome.
Augustus restored some of the Roman republic aspects, but still had power over all. He was able to bring all the provinces under control. Augustus also created the Roman civil service, which collected taxes and managed grain supply. Lastly, Augustus rebuilt and beautified Rome.

9 What was the Pax Romana. How long did it last
What was the Pax Romana? How long did it last? How large did the empire become during this time? The Pax Romana was a period of Roman peace that lasted for almost 200 years. The empire grew to its largest size, two million square miles.

10 Describe how agriculture and trade helped the Roman Empire.
Farming was the basis for the economy. Industry, such as pottery, metal and glass grew. Foods like wine, olive oil were also produced. These items were traded throughout the Mediterranean as well as other parts of the world. This trade allowed Rome to gain valuables that were not produced at home such as gold, silk and ivory.

11 Why did the division between rich and poor become deeper during the Pax Romana?
The expanding economy really only benefited those in Rome who were already wealthy.

12 Who do you think was more influential? Caesar or Augustus?
Answers will vary.

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